Gaming Console News: Scorpio, PS4 Pro Will Set New Video Game Dependency Standards, Experts say

By Henry Abragan , Updated Jan 04, 2017 10:29 AM EST

Gaming console created by the major game console competitors used to be launched at nearly the same pace, with every new gaming console presenting a huge leap in graphical fidelity and processing power. Given the announcements from Microsoft and Sony regarding the likely successors to the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro, the gaming console story seems to be just a prelude of what experts believed was only as a fairy tale.

Xbox Scorpio, PS4 Pro Next Trend In Gaming Consoles

Based on reports, Microsoft's Scorpio and Sony's PS4 Pro are the new gaming consoles that represent the incremental steps in technical upgrades, where the past generations reportedly made leaps. The two mid-generation refresher gaming consoles were said to be the defining subject of 2016, and are expected to become the new trend for 2017. In fact, Scorpio and PS4 Pro gaming consoles are reportedly the first step to a more complex and different future in terms of choosing what gaming console should be used.

Gaming consoles Scorpio and PS4 Pro are also believed to be the first leap toward inspiring a brand loyalty in video game players almost to the point of dependency. Given the fact that loyal customers are exactly what all good businesses want, both gaming consoles are actually a business. That said, if the two become a hit, everyone can look back at what used to be a fairly tale of the clearly-defined gaming console generations, which seems to have ended in 2016, GamesRadar reported.

PS4 Pro Gaming Console Is Now Ready For 4K

PS4 Pro has already been available in both US and the UK, including all other regions. Initial reviews of the Sony gaming console indicate that the PS4 Pro works efficiently. It should be noted, though, that a 4K TV is required to get the full benefits of the new gaming console.

PS4 Pro was launched on Nov. 10, with positive reviews suggesting that the gaming console is the ideal choice for any new gamer to the Sony console offerings. Although the Japanese-made gaming console has met with skepticism before, the PS4 Pro slowly sees early adopters. Now, reports indicate that the Sony gaming console has become a popular pick among Japanese gamers, according to Know Your Mobile.

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