‘Mario Kart 8’ Coming To Nintendo Switch With Battle Mode; ‘Mario Kart 64’ Newest Addition To Wii U Virtual Console

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 04, 2017 10:00 AM EST

"Mario Kart 8" is rumored to come with more additional features on the game's Nintendo Switch version, which the Wii U version reportedly does not have. That said, Mario Kart will definitely arrive to the new console, given the fact that the game is among the iconic Nintendo title series, which was also seen in the footage video.

Battle Mode May Have Comeback In "Mario Kart 8" For Nintendo Switch

Reports indicate that the Battle Mode may likely appear in "Mario Kart 8" for Nintendo Switch, as it was earlier spotted on the box cover art of "Mario Kart 8." However, while "Mario Kart 8" had some Battle Mode version, it appears that a lot of players did not enjoy it as much as its predecessor.

It is also important to note that it is still unclear if the said mode's return to the "Mario Kart 8" would mean the return of the original or just an enhancement on the current version. Nonetheless, the gamers are expected to get 24 additional tracks, which means there would be six more cups will be raced on, including 10 new characters that will be added to the "Mario Kart 8." Meantime, Nintendo is believed to make an announcement regarding the final details on Jan. 12, Ubergizmo reported.

Wii U Includes "Mario Kart 64" As Virtual Console's Latest Addition

In other news, "Mario Kart 64" is set to release on Wii U Virtual Console. According to reports, the Nintendo 64 game will cost $9.99.

"Mario Kart 64" is reported to come out on Wii U on Jan. 4, and for those who already have the game on their Wii Virtual Console, the game is said to just cost $2 for the upgrade. Along with the recent re-issue of Excitebike 64, there are speculations that this could be a hint of Nintendo Switch's launch software, according to EnGadget.

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