GameStop Nintendo Switch Listing Removes ‘Skyrim,’ ‘Pokemon’; Accessories Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 13, 2017 05:36 PM EST

Nintendo Switch support for games like "Skyrim" and "Pokemon" was reportedly mentioned in a GameStop listing. However, the said information was already removed from the retail store listing.

"Skyrim" Has Not Been Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Although "Skyrim" has been played on Nintendo Switch during the console's reveal trailer, Bethesda and Nintendo appeared to have been hesitant to confirm the famed RPG for the system. Meantime, the GameStop listing also took note of new titles for "Splatoon", "Mario" and the NBA franchise.

According to reports, GameStop already removed the wording and changed it with the list of publishers and developers that support the Nintendo Switch. Previous reports also indicate that the list appeared when Nintendo Switch was announced. There are speculations, though, that Nintendo may have included "Skyrim", "Mario", "Splatoon" and "Pokemon" as placeholders until the final details could be announced.

Meantime, Nintendo Switch is set to kick off in Japan, and many are awaiting for some additional information regarding the issue. The upcoming event is expected to last around one hour, after which Nintendo will provide a Treehouse Live episode, giving an in-depth look at games that are coming to Nintendo Switch, The Verge reported.

Nintendo Switch Leaked Photos Reveal Accessories

Nintendo Switch accessories from Hori, a third-party peripheral company, have reportedly leaked before the full reveal of the system. Based on the photos, an arcade stick is included, along with other accessories such as an analog stick grip, a stand, joy-con controllers, an Ethernet adapter, a car charger and trigger attachments.

In addition to this, a skin set of "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for decorating the system dock and the joy-con grip is included. Moreover, Hori is reported to provide its own wired version of the regular game controller that looks like a very large d-pad, according to GameSpot.

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