Resident Evil 7’ Guide: How To Get The Flamethrower To Kill Bugs & Marguerite Baker

By Allan , Updated Jan 27, 2017 10:03 PM EST

In “Resident Evil 7”, players can build their own flamethrower that they can use in the game to kill all the bugs and the scary Marguerite Baker. This weapon was also made available in the previous versions of the game so players are excited now that they can also use it in the latest installment. So this article will serve as a guide for players to learn how to build it and use it in the game.

According to Gamerant, the flamethrower is made up of two parts that players have to find in the game. Fortunately, both the items are found in the Old House which should be found when players hide from Marguerite Baker in the middle of the game. Building it is not very easy but will be very useful when the bugs infesting the house starts to be a problem.

To get started, VG247 reports players must get the burner blueprint found on the Old House’ floor which will show that they need to find the burner nozzle and the burner grip. To get the first item, head to the gallery room and go to the deck where trash cans can be found in the area. Turn left after entering the deck and examine the trash cans to find the burner grip.

Next step is to find the burner nozzle. Players will locate it when they go to the dining room and go outside to see the water shed. The burner nozzle should be easily seen on the table inside the water shed. Just get it and combine with the burner grip, just like combining healing items, to finally have a flamethrower. To find ammo, players needs to burner fuel which can be created in the game by just finding its ingredient. All it takes is combining solid fuel and chem fuel from their inventory.

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