Phil Spencer Reportedly Pleased With Microsoft's 'E3 2017' Lineup

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 30, 2017 10:06 AM EST

Reports estimate that most people are probably thinking about this year's incoming "E3" event. It appears even Xbox executive Phil Spencer is already excited for what Microsoft has in store for the gaming event. He reportedly answered a fan who inquired about the company's game lineup for "E3 2017." His reply indicates that their upcoming showcase is already approved and ready, with the possibility of Project Scorpio making its debut during the show.

The executive is known to talk with fans via social media. Twitter user @bones_no asked Spencer about their lineup for this year's event. Reports claim that he replied to the tweet just a few minutes after. Game Rant reveals that Spencer had a positive reply saying "I like the lineup." Fans apparently already expected him to have nothing but good words for the gaming system, which is understandable given his position.

However, other sources speculate that Phil Spencer's reply indicate that Microsoft is preparing to go all out during "E3 2017" in June. Project Scorpio's big reveal is expected to be the center of their efforts, especially with its announced holiday release date drawing ever closer. The new game console is expected to be a step towards next-gen gaming. It is expected to salvage the less than favorable performance of the Xbox One and even overshadow Sony's PS4 Pro.

Various experts analyze that in order for the Scorpio to be successful, the Redmond-based company needs to have top-shelf titles ready before its official launching. According to an article from MS Poweruser, it is obvious that the backward compatibility feature is one of the most important elements loved by fans of the gaming system. However, Spencer did not guarantee that other systems beyond the Scorpio will still carry the function.

With the most recent leaked specs indicating that the Project Scorpio is indeed going to be more powerful than expected, Microsoft is expected to also provide top-notch software to support it. In his previous interactions with fans on Twitter, Phil Spencer also talks about cross-play support for more games in the future. Sources speculate that its will officially announced during the company's "E3 2017" presentation.

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