'Crackdown 3': 'Destiny' & 'Halo 2' Writer On-board

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 08, 2017 10:46 AM EST

In recent trailers and gameplay footage for "Crackdown 3," the game's story was not really the subject of focus. The only confirmed information about the game's setting happens right after the original. Additionally, it is supposedly an alternate timeline related to "Crackdown 2." Other small snippets of information only appear to focus on the game's multiplayer mode, which is expected to feature fully-destructible structures and environments.

It might initially appear that the game's story mode is being neglected, but it appears the game has a well-known writer working on its fiction. Joseph Staten, the writer for "Destiny," "Halo 2" and the best-selling novel "Halo: Contact Harvest," posted on Twitter to confirm his involvement with the upcoming game. The writer is also apparently Microsoft Studios Global Publishing's creative director, says Game Rant.

In his Twitter message, Staten claimed that he was headed to one of the developer's studios in the UK. He also said that he needed to do some "Crackdown 3" writing before his visit. The writer also responded to a fan who asked "what is going on" about the game. The writer responded by confirming that its development appears to be on track and that the game is enjoyable to play. The developers apparently have "really nailed the classic "Crackdown" feel," he added.

Reports assume that fans will be happy to know that Staten is working on the game. Players are hoping that the writer can make the game's fiction as good as the other titles he previously worked with. Segment Next speculates that the third installment will eventually redeem the negative reception of the second game in the series. Having Staten onboard to handle the game's story is already reportedly seen as a positive move for the developer.

Meanwhile, other players are hesitant about Joseph Saten's involvement with "Crackdown 3." They pointed to his previous work with "Destiny," which was reportedly confusing and fragmented, according to some fans. The game is expected to be released sometime in 2017.

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