Nintendo Adresses Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Sync Issues

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 06, 2017 03:54 AM EST

Now that the Nintendo Switch is officially in the hands of numerous consumers, it appears that Nintendo has not yet addressed one of the game system's nagging issues. Players have reportedly expected that the day one patch released by the company should fix the problem encountered by several users. Meanwhile, the company has apparently revealed the cause of the synchronization issues with its Joy-Cons, which is believed to be wireless interference.

Sources have confirmed that the company has updated its official support page on its website and shared some possible solutions to its controller problems. Obviously, the first option they want users to try is to download the day one patch. The following step players should try is to make sure that they controllers themselves are fully charged. Eurogamer reports that the company suspects that the location of the console should also be taken into consideration.

Nintendo advised users to keep the Nintendo Switch somewhere within the line of sight of its Joy-Cons. They noted to avoid putting the device near a bunch of wires, behind the TV, near an aquarium or close to other wireless devices. The company has also indicated that some electronics might also cause interference with the system. It is reportedly advisable to keep the console at least three to four feet away from these wireless devices.

These issues are definitely not good for a newly launched console. Additionally, the company cannot expect to have all its customers turn off their other devices as a temporary workaround for their controller issue. However, it seems that other users have confirmed that the first day update fixed the controller desynchronization with their systems, which means the Japanese gaming firm has to quickly pinpoint the root of the problem and roll out a fix as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, despite issues with its Joy-Con synchronization, the Nintendo Switch has apparently launched with a positive reception by the gaming community. Game Rant points out that several big names in the gaming industry have congratulated Nintendo on their product launch. The hybrid gaming system officially launched on March 3, 2017 and is now available in retail establishments, unless restocks are delayed.

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