"Borderlands 3" Hinted By Hidden Message In "Battleborn"

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 06, 2017 03:41 AM EST

Gearbox Software reportedly surprised a lot of fans during the Game Developer Conference 2017 with an unexpected tech demo. The developer apparently showcased a demo of what players believe to be "Borderlands 3". Although more details about the FPS' third installment are currently limited, sources have claimed that the developer's other game "Battleborn" has some hidden information about their anticipated title.

The developer has seemingly released some new updates for its MOBA/Shooter game along with some new side missions. These new operations supposedly lead gamers to Varseli Portal anomalies, which have been observed to emit a sequence of beeps. Game Rant notes that a Reddit user named whatsmynameagain has discovered that the series of sounds were actually morse code.

The Reddit user reportedly translated the "Battleborn" audio codes and hinted that it most likely teases "Borderlands 3". According to the translation of Gearbox Software's cryptic code, the message says "Visit Prometea, children of the vault. We are not on Pandora anymore." It also contains a warning of some kind, which mentions "Tannis is not what she seems. Do not open the vaults."

While it is obvious that the translated message might sound like random information for most gamers, but fans of the franchise most likely know that it hints at another installment for the loot-heavy FPS series. Moreover, it also seems to reveal a clue about the game finally leaving the planet Pandora. Given that the first two games were set in that planet, the new one might see players explore a new planet called Prometea.

IGN also reports that the message talks about Patricia Tannis, who is reportedly an expert on Eridians and the vaults. She has appeared in the first and second games. Sources have speculated that the hidden message was sent by the Eridians to give players a heads up about Tannis.

Even if the recent hidden "Battleborn" message from Gearbox Software does not reveal anything much about "Borderlands 3", it is suspected as a hint that the developer might announce something soon. Sources have speculated that it might be officially revealed during this year's E3 Show.

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