‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Guide: All The Best Armor In The Game

By Allan , Updated Mar 15, 2017 09:53 PM EDT

Having a good set of armor in “Horizon Zero Dawn” is very important. Armors do not only boost a player’s defense but each have its unique set of additions that makes them very useful in the game. There are different armors available in the game so this guide describes each of it to make it easier for a player to choose the best one for them.

Kestrel Armor

One of the armors a player will unlock last in the game is the heavy Kestrel armor. It specializes in protecting its bearer from sonic and blinding attacks just like the ones used by Stormbirds and Glinthawks. Players that choose this armor get three slots for modification which will be useful when players get the Tinker skill. This armor will cost the player one Stalker Heart and 680 Metal Shards.

Nora Silent Hunter

Next in the list is the Nora Silent Hunter which is a heavy armor that gives an additional 50 Stealth points. It comes with two modification slots so players can customize it to gain additional abilities. However, this armor cost a bit more expensive than the Kestrel armor with 1 Bellowback Heart and 800 Metal Shards.

Nora Survivor

For players seeking more defense from different elemens, the Nora Survivor could be the one they are looking for. It is a heavy armor and is the best choice when looking for defense from shock, freeze, fire, and even corruption hits. It gives a +15 boost to each stat but will cost even higher than the Nora Silent Hunter. This metal can be acquired with 2 Watcher Hearts, 900 Metal Shards and 40 Blaze. It has two modification spots so players can add more customization.

Nora Protector

Another Nora armor is the Nora Protector which is also a heavy armor that boost the player’s stat with additional 30 melee protection according to VG247. It doesn’t provide any protection from elemental hits but provides many modification slot so players can add what they need. Its available for a Shell-Walker Heart and 1,000 Metal Shards.

Shield Weaver

Last but not the least is the Shield Weaver that is one of the best armor for almost all hits according to US Gamer. It protects the bearer from any damages and dispels it. Although the player will need to wait a moment to recharge the armor after receiving a couple of hits. Unfortunately, this armor is also available until later in the game.

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