'Overwatch': Orisa Officially Released But Temporarily Blocked From Competitive Play

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 23, 2017 06:21 AM EDT

Prior to Orisa's official release, players went through several speculations about the 24th hero for "Overwatch". Several clues and rumors have misled most gamers to think that Doomfist was going to be the next character in the game. After being available for Public Test Region (PTR) players for a while now, Blizzard Entertainment finally releases her for all platforms. However, it appears gamers cannot use Orisa in Competitive Play for a limited time only.

Game Rant reports that "Overwatch" principal designer Scott Mercer posted the information in the game's official forum. He notes that the reason for the hold-off is that they want gamers to have time to adjust to the new hero and learn her abilities. "Orisa will not initially be available for Competitive Play," says Mercer. He also claims that they "want to give players some time to learn and play" the hero before she joins the game mode.

It seems that the forum post indicates that Orisa's Ban from Competitive Play will last a week. On the other hand, the developer confirms that the hero will be available in all other game modes. Apparently, she will also be available to players in the custom game modes. "Overwatch" official patch notes were also released to the public for reference. The new anchor tank is described to be able to protect team mates and create opportunities for attack as well.

Orisa's abilities were detailed previously in a report published by Gamenguide. Blizzard Entertainment apparently designed her to be another anchor tank just like Reinhardt. During her first few weeks in the PTR, players were able to report a game-breaking bug that affected the hero's Ultimate skill. The glitch caused her Supercharger to fall through stairs and payloads, which render its invincible from all attacks. The developer's decision to hold off her availability for Competitive Play might be a precaution in case of new bugs discovered within the week.

The developer's decisions to hold off Orisa from Competitive Play appears to have been well received by "Overwatch" gamers across all platforms, says reports. It does allow players who are on consoles to spend the time to get to know her abilities and learn how to fight against her. This will hopefully allow everyone to start off on the same ground after her one week ban is lifted.

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