‘Humble Freedom Bundle’: Gigantic New Bundle Release; Profits Will Be Fully Given To Charity

‘Humble Freedom Bundle’: Gigantic New Bundle Release; Profits Will Be Fully Given To Charity

Humble Bundle, Inc. launches its newest bundle, with all the proceeds be given to charity.

by Danny Smith

Humble Bundle

Latest Humble Bundle Mobile Sale Offers Up 'Kingdom Rush Origins', '80 Days', 'Avernum' & More For Android Users

iOS players need not apply to the current Humble Bundle mobile sale. Android users, come and get some excellent titles for a whole lot of nothing.

by Steve Buja


Humble Bundle Square Enix Sale Gets You Discounts On Hitman, Supreme Commander 2, Deus Ex, And More

Humble Bundle is consistently offering great sales, which also happen to benefit charity, usually putting together a collection of titles along some sort of theme or genre. There are also publisher deals, and you can currently get discounts on a selection of Square Enix games.

by Matthew Buzzi


Humble Bundle Hits $50 Million Mark For Charitable Donations, Makes You Feel Better For Your Crowded Steam Library

Humble Bundle has officially hit the $50 million mark for charitable donations, the company announced today, and they've released a video showing just a few of the places and causes that have been affected by Humble Bundle's outreach.

by Connor Sears

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle Kicks Off A Crazy Daily Sale

For the next two weeks, Humble Bundle is offering a daily sale that is bringing back a few of their most popular bundles. They have started things off with the Deep Silver bundle, which will include ten games as long as you donate more than $9.

by Alex Riviello

Samurai Gunn

Samurai Gunn Sneaks onto Steam and Humble Bundle Stores Like a Ninja

Fast-paced multiplayer samurai insanity is waiting for you right now, and is 20% off for a limited time.

by Alex Riviello

Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4 gets Kickstarter-esque project with Humble Bundle offer

Developer Croteam is offering a six game pay-what-you-want package of Serious Sam titles on Humble Bundle. Proceeds from the package will go to help fund Serious Sam 4 and two charities.

by James Dohnert

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