‘Humble Freedom Bundle’: Gigantic New Bundle Release; Profits Will Be Fully Given To Charity

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 16, 2017 10:09 PM EST

Humble Bundle, Inc. has newly launched its latest bundle called the "Humble Freedom Bundle" and it is seemingly a distinguished one for some reasons. The "Humble Freedom Bundle's" has a game line-up which turns out to be interesting.

The "Humble Freedom Bundle" game line-up contains more than two dozen Steam games. Included in the list of Steam games in the bundle are Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Stardew Valley, Octodad, The Witness, The Stanley Parable, Invinsible, Inc., Mini Metro, and Nuclear Throne.

According to Gamespot, the "Humble Freedom Bundle" also included a number of books, with the overall Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price enumerated at over $600. The bundle is not cracked down into different levels based on the purchase price in order for the players to receive everything as they buy the bundle.

Humble Bundle fans will need to compensate at least $30 for "Humble Freedom Bundle", unlike the usual bundle. That is because the proceeds of "Humble Freedom Bundle" is being directed to charity and none of it are going to the developers or Humble itself.

Fans are allowed to divide their money between the three charities namely, American Civil Liberties Union, Doctors Without Borders, and International Rescue Committee. The "Humble Freedom Bundle" has previously raised more than $125,000 in less than an hour, matching its contributions up to $300,000.

In the rouse of the Trump administration's US immigration ban, a group of different developers did something similar lately, donating earnings from their games to the American Civil Liberties Union, says ARS Technica. In Humble's supplementary announcement, the controversial executive order which has been paused by the courts is not clearly stated, but it seems like a strong reply to it.

The "Humble Freedom Bundle" will be obtainable for a limited time only, and fans will be given the last chance until February 20, Monday. The "Humble Freedom Bundle" has raised almost $4.2 million for the charities for just over 48 hours after its launch.

In addition to the 40 games and seven ebooks, Humble Bundle has added an ebook, a downloadable music album and 14 additional games to the "Humble Freedom Bundle" selection. For other developers who wants to submit their games to the cause, Humble is apparently leaving the door open.

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