iPhone Latest News & Update: 10.1.1 Version of Apple Handheld  Have Some Serious Battery Drain Problems; How To Solve The Crisis

iPhone Latest News & Update: 10.1.1 Version of Apple Handheld Have Some Serious Battery Drain Problems; How To Solve The Crisis

Several complainants posted online that their iPhone devices cause a drastic loss of battery life since updating the recent iOS 10.1.1 from Apple.

by Daniel Flores

Apple Announce HQ Move To Battersea Power Station

' Apple' Latest News & Update: Solution To A 5-second Video That Makes Iphones Crash; Includes IPad?

Apple has been known for its security feature. Its IOS quality has been proven and tested.

by Febe AF

Apple Fans Await iPhone 7

iOS 10 Jailbreak Latest News & Update: Pangu to Release Jailbreak Tool Sooner Than Expected? Hack Includes Open Source & Other Features

With the demand for an iOS 10 jailbreak seemingly growing by the minute, renowned hacking entity still remains silent to date. However, a new report suggests that the release of a jailbreak tool could be closer than expected.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

iPhone 8 Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Smartphone to Feature Dual Lens Camera with 3D Capabilities? Impressive Specs & Features Revealed

The iPhone has always been known for always stepping up and setting the standard for the top smartphone camera quality. In line with this, the tech company has been reported to work with LG for a new innovation for the iPhone 8.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

iPad Mini 5

iPad Air 3 Release Date, News & Update: New Apple Tablet Confirmed for March 2017 Launch? Impressive Features, Specs, Price Details Revealed

The iPad Air 3 has been one of the most anticipated tech devices this year. However, Apple had seemingly left out the device during its October event, which focused mainly on the new MacBook. With this though, fans need not fret, as the tech company is just holding off the release until next year.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Apple's New iPhone's look

iPhone 7 Plus Latest News & Updates: Appleā€™s Latest Phone vs $1600-Camera Kit; Which Takes Better Photos?

IPhone 7 Plus was run against a $1600-Camera Kit and the results are remarkable.

by Karen de la Cruz

Iphone 7 Is Presented in Madrid

iPhone Users Are More Dishonest, Less Humble Than Android Users, Says Study; How True Is This?

The research also found that iPhone users are more likely to be female, younger and more worried about their smartphone being viewed as a status symbol.

by CJ Estimada

This Video Will CRASH ANY iPhone!

iPhone Video Prank Latest News & Update: Viral Prank Video Can Destroy Your Smartphone When You Play

A certain video can cause freezing and eventually crashes your iPhone devices.

by Gloven Ramos

New iPhone 6s Models Go On Sale In U.S.

IPhone 6s Latest News & Updates: Apple Admits Battery Problems & Offers Free Repairs

Due to a faulty battery problem that causes the iPhone 6s to shutdown, Apple has issued a recall and offered free battery replacements to affected owners.

by Maine Lemorge

iPhone 8 Trailer 2017

IPhone 8 Release Date, News & Updates: New Details On Apple's Latest Flagship Revealed!

New details about the upcoming iPhone 8 has been released and it seems that the cameras will definitely give users an awesome experience.

by Maine Lemorge

The Apple iPhone 4s Is Released Worldwide

iOS 10 Latest News & Update: New Security Breach Discovered, Here Is How To Resolve It

iOS 10 has been hit by lots of bugs and despite the update to iOS 10.2, security flaws continue to exist through Siri.

by Snooky Grawls

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Latest News & Updates: New Samsung Smartphone Will Improve Upon S7, Include Its Own Version of Siri

Samsung's newest smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S8, to have its own version of Siri.

by Enrico Cuenca

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: New Hack for iOS 10 Devices Works Even Without Jailbreak; No More Walking to Catch Pokemon?

With "Pokemon Go" still currently dominating the mobile gaming arena, some fans have found the game monotonous. However, there are still those who are attempting to conquer the game, but are momentously struggling. Luckily, there's a cheat for iOS users that willing players could try.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Apple Introduces Two New iPhone Models At Product Launch

iOS 10 Latest News & Updates: Apple Set to Release iOS 10.2 Update; Includes New Emojis, Wallpapers, Emergency SOS & More Features!

Apple had just recently released the well-received iOS 10 its iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Not long after, newer updates were released to increase the security and stability of the software. Come December, the company will be rolling out iOS 10.2, with new features, emojis, and a lot more.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

Concept of Apple glass

Apple Wearables Latest News & Update: Apple Extending Their Wearables To Glasses. How Will They Compete With Google, Facebook & Microsoft Glasses?

Apple is entering the competitive world of AR/VR glasses where Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are already in.

by Glen Quilat

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