Blastron for iOS [Review]

Blastron for iOS [Review]

Remember Worms? Just add some robots to it

by Prarthito Maity

Deus Ex: The Fall

UPDATE - Deus Ex: The Fall + jailbroken iOS devices = SOL gamers

While jailbreaking is technically legal, Sqaure Enix is ensuring that you'll face some harsh consequences if you try to play the iOS Deus Ex: The Fall on a jailbroken device. UPDATE - Square Enix has apologized for not informing gamers about the policy in advance, and will issue an update to fix the issue

by Luke Caulfield

Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall arrives on your iPads and iPhones this week

The first mobile game in the Deus Ex series, the action RPG The Fall hits iOS devices this week for $6.99

by Luke Caulfield

Leaked Wrap Around Controller

Logitech's iOS 7 game controller photos leak

Now that iOS 7's Game Center will introduce the ability to use third-party controllers when released this fall, Kotaku has been given what apparently looks like a wrap-around prototype gaming attachment from Logitech. However, expect Apple to dive head first into mobile gaming by demanding strict requirements for third-party controller development.

by Ural Garrett

Man of Steel

The Man of Steel is going mobile with a new game for Apple and Android devices

Warner Bros. announced that Superman is getting his own movie based phone for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

by Luke Caulfield


Mobile developer OMGPOP has kicked the bucket, courtesy Zynga

Famed 'Draw Something' developers OMGPOP have been shut down as part of Zynga's massive series of layoffs. Will this affect the mobile game landscape?

by Mike Andronico

Rumored Iphone Lite Pic

Is this leaked photo of rumored low-cost iPhone?

The rumored leaked photos of Apple's low cost iPhone features a lightning cable plugged into the bottom of the device and a curved back reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS.

by Ural Garrett


Tetris Creator is back with mobile-exclusive 'Marbly' [REVIEW]

Can't get enough Tetris action on your phone? The game's creator is back with an all-new take on the puzzle genre. Is it worth a try?

by Mike Andronico


Curiosity Winner Rewarded With Starring Role In Peter Molyneux's Godus

After months of chipping away at a mysterious cube, one lucky U.K. citizen will become immortalized in the first game from Peter Molyneux's studio, 22Cans.

by Jacob Siegal

Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. App

Tamagotchi Pets Are Back In The Form Of An App

Tamagotchi virtual pets are now available for download on iPhone and iPad. Gotta catch 'em all?

by Brittany Gehrett

Men's Room Mayhem

And Now, a Game About Men's Restroom Management: Men's Room Mayhem

No one can resist the call of nature. Especially in this game.

by Luke Caulfield

Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple Looks To Add Samsung Galaxy S4 To Patent Infringement Suit

Apple wants to add the recently released Galaxy S4 to a list of 22 Samsung devices it believes infringes on its patents.

by Binu Paul

Running With Friends

Running With Friends Now Available on iOS [VIDEO]

Zynga provides their take on the Temple Run formula.

by Mike Andronico


5 Apple Developments We Learned This Week: iOS 7, iPad mini, iPhone 5S [RUMOR ROUND-UP]

Five major Apple developments this week. More bad news for Blackberry.

by Binu Paul

Google Now for iOS

Siri Rival Google Now On The iPhone, iPad

Google Now is up on the App Store. We're at 3.0 of the Google Search app.

by Binu Paul

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