A New Hope Is Coming To Bookstores In 2015

A New Hope Is Coming To Bookstores In 2015

For people who were old enough in the late 70s, there was nothing like getting your first glimpse of a galaxy far, far away. This wasn't necessarily in the movie theaters either. For some fans, the first look at Luke and the gang came in the form of a comic book. Marvel has remastered the original book and will release the original Star Wars comic adaptations for a whole new generation.

by Donyae Coles

Wolverines Cover

New Comic Chronicles Life After Wolverine

Wolverines #1 is starting up in January. Spoiler alert, he's still dead. This isn't the revival of Wolverine. But don't worry, your favorite mutant is still in the series. As an adamantium encased corpse that everyone wants to get their hands on. After meeting his end in the Death of Logan, it seems that everyone still wants a piece of him.

by Donyae Coles


The Merc with a Mouth Returns in Possible Deadpool Movie

Good news for fans of the Merc with a Mouth. Ryan Reynolds and Fox are close to signing off on a deal for the Deadpool movie, Deadline reports. If this takes place, it will be the second time that the actor has taken up the role. Renyolds has posted photos on Twitter of Deadpool which is a good sign that this is going to happen.

by Donyae Coles

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Actor Officially Announced

After a ton of speculation and false leads, Marvel has declared it official: Doctor Strange is none other than Sherlock himself, Benedict Cumberbatch.

by Donyae Coles

Avengers No More Bullying Cover

Avengers Take On Real World Problem In Special One Shot

Nobody likes a bully, especially groups of super powered people. In fact, they pretty much build their entire lives around making sure bullies don't get their way. No More Bullying #1 is a January one shot set to help end bullying for everyone.

by Donyae Coles

Star Wars Marvel Crossover

Patton Oswalt's Epic Star Wars And Marvel Crossover Could Come Alive In Upcoming Kingdom Hearts Games!

The dream is alive and residing at Square Enix. Marvel and Star Wars characters are a definite possibility in upcoming Kingdom Hearts games, courtesy of Disney.

by Steve Buja

Miracleman Annual #1 Cover

Grant Morrison’s Lost Miracleman Comic to See Light

2014 is going out with a blast! New Year's Eve will see the long awaited release of brand new Miracleman stories with Miracleman Annual #1, This is the first time that Grant Morrison's long awaited story will see the light. First penned 20 years ago, the script is finally going to be published with the Joe Quesada.

by Donyae

The Avengers

Avengers Reassemble, Reshoots Scheduled

Looks like the Avengers dissembled a bit prematurely as the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron are being called back to London to reshoot some scenes. They'll be showing up in all their superhero glory early in the New Year to finish up the film.

by Donyae


Marvel Releases Cyber Monday Sale, Gives Access to Marvel Unlimited for 75 cents

Marvel thinks that Cyber Monday is for the weak. Instead, they're holding Cyber Week. From December 1 to December 4, Marvel fans can gain access to Marvel Unlimited, the online comics service, for only 75 cents for the first month. A subscription to the monthly service gives access to over 15,000 Marvel comics spanning 75 years of Marvel.

by Donyae Coles

Secret Wars

Secret Wars Returns With New Story for 30 Year Anniversary

Not to be outdone by DC, Marvel has a mega event in the works for 2015. Fans of the company are being treated to a Secret Wars series, the battle royal of the Marvel universe. To help readers better prepare for the mega event, the company has released the map of Battleworld so you can easily track what's happening where.

by Donyae Coles

Ultron Forever cover

Avengers Assemble Across Time to Defeat Ultron in April

Last month we went bonkers over the leaked trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie and with good reason. But if May 1st, 2015 seems like too long of a wait, Marvel has good news for you. You can get your Avengers fix in April with a suite of Ultron Forever specials. If you're not familiar with the comics at all, this may be an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the maniacal villain.

by Donyae


Marvel Celebrates 10 Million Facebook And Twitter Followers; Hourly Rewards For Fans All Day Long!

The House Of M is a very popular one it would seem. To celebrate a combined 10 million followers across Facebook and Twitter, Marvel is handing out new discounts and prizes to its legion of fans every hour today.

by Steve Buja

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel Ain't Playing: Granted Subpoena Against Google To Find Identity Of Person Who Leaked Age Of Ultron Trailer

Marvel may have played along with the leak, but they are by no means playing around. A federal judge just granted Marvel's subpoena request against Google asking for information to identify the user who uploaded the Age Of Ultron nearly a week ahead of schedule.

by Steve Buja

Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity 2.0 News: Disney Originals, Stitch And Merida Starter Pack, Toy Box Digital Download, Marvel Contest!

There is a whole lot of new content coming to Disney Infinity 2.0 this week. A new starter pack starring Merida and Stitch. The launch of Disney Originals. A limited time sale for console players to download the Toy Box and receive some cool stuff and more.

by Steve Buja

Marvel Kids

Marvel Revamp's Its Kid-Friendly Website, Adds Tons Of Additional Spider-Man Content

Marvel is working on reaching out even more to its younger audience, and one of the ways it's doing that is through the reworked MarvelKids.com. The website is ready to engage the newest generation of Marvel fans with some new content featuring one of Marvel's most ubiquitous mascots: Spider-Man.

by Connor Sears

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