‘NBA 2K17’ News & Updates: Patch 1.06 Now Out; Fixes For Pro-Am, MyPARK, MyCareer & MyTEAM Issues

‘NBA 2K17’ News & Updates: Patch 1.06 Now Out; Fixes For Pro-Am, MyPARK, MyCareer & MyTEAM Issues

The "NBA 2K17" 1.06 patch has a file size of 7.4GB on PlayStation 4, 2.6GB on Xbox One and 139.5MB on PC.

by V Doctor

NBA 2KVR Experience - Announce Trailer | PS VR

'NBA 2KVR Experience' Release Date, News & Update: Virtual NBA Launches Today; Gameplay & Pricing Revealed

Top sports game "NBA 2KVR Experience" has been rumored for a while but this one is no longer a fuss with developer 2K releasing the virtual reality version today.

by Regin Olimberio


The Future Of NBA 2K17 Is Virtual Reality; Dishonored 2 Also Expected To Land In VR in 2017

NBA 2K17 and Bethesda's Dishonored is poised for a virtual reality experience.

by Godswarrior010

NBA 2K17 - Momentous

‘NBA 2K17’ Latest News & Update: Virtual Reality Experience To Launch For PlayStation VR? Park After Dark Features Snoop Dogg; Details Here!

Snoop Dogg is expected to be the guest DJ for the launch event of Park After Dark, but it will be DJ Premiere who will do other DJ duties for the “NBA 2K17” players.

by AASalvador

Snoop Dogg for NBA 2K17

'NBA 2K17' Latest News and Content Updates: Snoop Dogg Featured in MyPark After Dark Mode; Trailer and What to Expect

Players of "NBA 2K17" are excited of the upcoming MyPark mode which will feature rapper Snoop Dogg.

by Nens Mitchell

NBA 2K17

'NBA 2K17' Latest News, Player Updates and Roster: Steve Nash Added to Game's Squad

2K Sports has added Steve Nash on the roster of players for "NBA 2K17."

by Nens Mitchell

HOW TO GET ANKLE BREAKER & Playmaking Badges!!- NBA 2K17 Badge Guide

'NBA 2K17’ Complete Guide to Unlock Every Single Badge In Game

A complete guide of "NBA 2K17" Badges and how to earn each and every one of it. Complete all 55 badges and unlock every aspect of the game.

by Allan B.

Tournaments are coming to Playstation 4 games.

'NBA 2K17' Latest News & Update: Patch 1.05 Brings HDR, 4K Support, Bug Fixes, Gameplay Improvements! Cheats No Longer Working? More Details

"NBA 2K17" has no doubt become one of the hugest sports franchises in the video game market today. However, like most games, it is still riddled with bugs and glitches. This is why an update Is set to be released, to fix and improve the game.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

NBA 2K17 (PS4) Cavs vs Bulls Gameplay

'NBA 2k17' Release Date, News & Update : Myles Turner Reveals MyTeam Moments Card Locker Code For PS4, Xbox One; Unlimited Free Agent Codes Giveaway?

"NBA 2K17" locker codes started, as the new NBA season also begun, featuring Myles Turner of the Pacers. The NBA player posted MyTeam Moments Card locker code on this Twitter account.

by Mia P.

NBA 2K17 PS4 My Career - The NBA Draft!

'NBA 2K17' News & Updates: Unlimited Moment Locker Codes From Opening Night, Courtesy of 2K Sports

2K Sports has announced that everyone can get an "NBA 2K17" locker code for opening night moments.

by Joe Marsalis

NBA 2K17 (PS4) Cavs vs Bulls Gameplay

'NBA 2K17' News and Updates: Tournaments Feature Coming to PS4 with Sony Partnership

A new feature on "NBA 2K17" is coming to the PlayStation 4 in collaboration with Sony.

by Nens Mitchell

Tournaments are coming to Playstation 4 games.

'Tournaments' Feature Introduced by Sony for PlayStation 4, Starts with NBA 2k17

Sony Entertainment will launch new PS4 feature that will allow online tournaments. First game to be tested is NBA 2k17.

by Jeanvan

Karl-Anthony Towns Visits Activision's Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Booth At E3 2015 In Los Angeles

Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: NBA 2K17 Excluded From Third Party Games List? More Console Details Revealed

Nintendo is expected to bring in games outside their circle for the Nintendo Switch though there are high-profile game titles that may not make the jump. One popular game title is NBA 2K17 which may not be added once the game console releases in 2017.

by Snooky Grawls

NBA 2K14 Premiere Party At Greystone Manor

'NBA 2K17' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Be Better With Your 3-Point Shot; From Newbie To Lights Out Shooter!

The new "NBA 2K17" has been out now for quite some time, so we have made several tips that could help you shoot the lights out from the 3-point line. It could be frustrating if you are not draining your threes as this is an essential part specially in today's basketball playing style.

by Luis Vincent Gochoco

NBA 2K17 (PS4) Cavs vs Bulls Gameplay

'NBA 2K17' Updates, Player Details and News: Charles Barkley Reveals Reason Why He is Not Part of Video Game

The basketball video game has lived up to the expectations of the players and the franchise's fans and continues to surprise gamers with new introductions.

by Maricar

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