Nintendo Switch Sports Free BSD Kernel Just Like PS4; Stickers Can Damage Switch Surface

Nintendo Switch Sports Free BSD Kernel Just Like PS4; Stickers Can Damage Switch Surface

The Nintendo Switch is speculated to run on an an operating system similar to what Sony uses on the PlayStation 4. However, any adhesives like stickers may be banned from the controllers or the console itself.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Switch – News & eShop

Nintendo Switch Reviews Reveal Wii U Features Way Better

Nintendo Switch is said to have launched sans several features found on the Wii U. However, note that the new Zelda game on the console is now one of the most well-received and top reviewed games of all time.

by Mia P.

NINTENDO SWITCH Joy-Con Showcase Video 2017 Presentation MKIceAndFire  MKIceAndFire

Nintendo Switch Has Web Browser Hack; Third-Party Supports Needed

Nintendo Switch consumers have found a workaround on the lack of web browsing features on the console. Moreover, more third party support is needed for the recently launched console.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch UNBOXING - We Finally Open It! (+ Accessories)

Nintendo Switch In Stock At Toys R Us; Switch Games 'Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' & More Discounted

The Nintendo Switch console is almost out of stock in several retail stores but Toys R Us just stocked the console. Moreover, saving tips for Nintendo Switch titles have been revealed.

by Mia P.

Buy 3DS Or Wait for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch First User Reveals Home Screen Easier Than Wii U Prior March 3 Release

The Nintendo Switch user interface has already been spotted online in a three-minute video. Apparently, eShop Purchases are to be tied to a User Account.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Switch Preview Event

Livestream Reveals Nintendo Switch’s Minimalistic Look; Sold Out At GameStop

Nintendo Switch is reported to have a minimalistic look, based on its formal presentation. Recent Livestream also reveals some few features that the fans should expect.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Hosts Celebrities At 2016 E3 Gaming Convention

GameStop Nintendo Switch Listing Removes ‘Skyrim,’ ‘Pokemon’; Accessories Revealed

Nintendo Switch games previously included “Skyrim” and “Pokemon” in a GameStop listing. However, reports claim that the said information has been removed from the retail store listing.

by Ben Lindon

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Price Revealed In Argos UK Listing; The Most Important Things You Need To Know

Nintendo Switch price has reportedly revealed on a UK listing at Argos. The console may launched with a $350 USD price tag.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo NX First Game Announced: Dragon Quest XI

Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Confirms 'Dragon Quest XI' Will Be On The Hybrid Gaming Console

Square Enix in the Jump Fiesta 2017 revealed the "Dragon Quest XI". Nintendo confirms the game title being featured in Nintendo Switch.

by Daniel Flores

Newly Published Nintendo Switch Patents Reveal Gyro Controls, VR, NFC, & More!

Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Nintendo Switch Might Have A VR Headset According To New Patents

The Nintendo Switch might possibly have a VR headset according to a new patent that was discovered by a NeoGaf user.

by Ceage Sotto

NES Classic Edition: Unboxing, Comparison, and Analysis

Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Hybrid Gaming Console Leaks Shows Weaker Chips Than PS4 & Xbox One For 2017 Consoles

A leaked information about the Nintendo Switch has been out online and reveals that the gaming console has weaker chips than PS4 and Xbox One.

by Daniel Flores

Jimmy Fallon Debuts The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Gaming Console Will Have Its Own Place In The Market Says 'Neptune Flux' Game Developer

Nick Pettit, game developer of "Neptune Flux" shared his thoughts about the Nintendo Switch and how will the gamiing console compare to other platforms.

by Daniel Flores

Jimmy Fallon Debuts The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs & Update: Multi-Use Gaming Console To Showcase Different Features For Home vs Mobile?

The Nintendo Switch is expected to cater to a whole new crowd aside from those targeted by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

by Van D

Nintendo Switch VS PS4?! | What's Trending Now!

Nintendo Switch Vs PlayStation 4 Pro Latest News & Update: Switch Cost Could Beat Playstation 4?

As per one expert, Nintendo will attempt to rival the PlayStation 4 by giving the Nintendo Switch a comparable $249 sticker price.

by Beverly V.

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