PlayStation 3 Owners Can Get Battlefield 4 For Free Today on PS Plus

PlayStation 3 Owners Can Get Battlefield 4 For Free Today on PS Plus

As old saying goes, "membership has its perks," and that sure is the truth today for any PlayStation Plus members, as a free trial for Battlefield 4 is now live for PlayStation 3 gamers with access to the service.

by Luke Caulfield

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Coming to PS4?

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Listed for PS4 According to SCE Asia

PlayStation Plus is about to become a tad scarier as it has been recently revealed that Dead Nation: Apocalypse will eventually hit the service.

by CJ Melendez

PlayStation Vita

PS Vita Slim Coming to the U.K. in February, and PlayStation Plus Subscriptions on the Rise

With 4 million PlayStation 4's sold, you don't have to be psychic to see why there's more than triple the amount of PS Plus subscriptions...

by Luke Caulfield

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Free For PS Plus Users Tomorrow

Plus details on a big Playstation Store sale.

by Alex Riviello

The Crystal White Vita

White Playstation Vita Now Available in US

Sony releases it without any fanfare!

by Alex Riviello

Sleeping Dogs screen

Sleeping Dogs Now Available For Free on Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft finally learns? Sleeping Dogs available now, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light later this month,

by Alex Riviello

Don't Starve

Playstation Plus Starts Off 2014 With An Absolutely Ridiculous Line-up Of Games

Bioshock Infinite, Brothers, Don't Starve, and more!

by Alex Riviello

Borderlands 2

Playstation Plus offers Borderlands 2 today for the low price of nothing

One of the best shooters of last year, completely free! Plus, insane sales on Spelunky, Dragon's Crown, and others.

by Alex Riviello

PlayStation 4

Recording gameplay on PlayStation 4 won't require subscription, Sony confirms

Microsoft requires a Xbox Live Gold account to record and share gameplay on the Xbox One, but you won't need PlayStation Plus to do the same on Sony's PlayStation 4.

by Luke Caulfield

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony explains charging for online play on PS4; not abandoning PS3

A Sony exec explains change to online policy for next-gen console and why PlayStation 3 owners won't get swept under the rug after launch.

by Ural Garrett

FC3: Blood Dragon

Hitman Absolution, Malicious Now Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers Outside North America

Hitman Absolution, Malicious and Catherine are all free this month in select countries. North America gets Zombie Tycoon II.

by Prarthito Maity

Mass Effect 3: Omega  Female turian lurks in the shadows

Mass Effect 3 Will be Free via PlayStation Plus in March

Got PlayStation Plus? Get ready to dig into Mass Effect 3 next month!

by Michael Epstein email:

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