‘For Honor’ Players Will Need Over $700 Or 30 Months To Get All Unlocks

By Allan , Updated Mar 21, 2017 07:52 AM EDT

It looks like “For Honor” players will need at least 30 months or more than $700, if they prefer spending real money, to complete all unlocks. The game was just released last February and already players have calculated how much work or money it will take to unlock everything in the game. Of course, this estimate is for hardcore gamers and may take longer for casual players.

According to VG247, the launching week of “For Honor” made it in the UK charts but did not improve in its following weeks. It seems players are having some issues in the game such as P2P connection, numerous cheaters and the existence of AFK farming. So just after 14 days, the game was reported to have lost 50% of their players on Steam.

And this is followed by a player and Reddit user bystander007 who did the math to see just how long a player needs to play to get all unlocks. He also calculated how much a player will need to cash out if in case they don’t have the time to get all 12 heroes in the game, not including any future DLC.

In a report published by Ars Technica, players will need 91,500 Steel, the currency used in the game, to get each character in the game and their upgrades. So a player will need 1,098,000 Steel from 7.32 orders of the $100 Steel packs of “For Honor”.

As for players who prefer to do the work, they need to earn at least 1,200 Steel for approximately 2.51 years. This means that casual players who go online for 1 to 2 hours every 5 to 7 days may require twice the amount of time if not more. Although a number of Steels earned in each game differs, the estimate provided is the average points earned by a “For Honor” gamer earns.

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