Sign-Up For Battlefield: Hardline's PC Beta and Get Instant Access

Sign-Up For Battlefield: Hardline's PC Beta and Get Instant Access

PS4 players were among the first to try out the fifth installment of Battlefield, but now it's the PC players' turn for a beta. Along with this news DICE has also announced challenges and bonuses for Hardline, and a nice extra for Battlefield 4. Details below.

by Luke Caulfield

EA Sports UFC


EA Sports UFC is out today for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and I'm sure that you trophy hounds and achievement hunters have your eyes on 100 percent completion, so here's what you'll need to do to net yourself every last trophy/achievement for EA Sports UFC, or unlock Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie.

by Luke Caulfield

EA Sports UFC Pettis V Aldo

Mixed Reviews Mar EA Sports UFC's Debut

EA Sports UFC is out today for PS4 and Xbox One, and the consensus seems to be that looks, no matter how polished or impressive, are no substitute for solid gameplay.

by Luke Caulfield

Titanfall's Runoff Map

Update 3 Hits Titanfall On All Platforms, Xbox 360 Owners Get Expedition DLC TODAY

Xbox One and PC players have had more than a month to enjoy Titanfall's first DLC, Expedition, but as of today, now Xbox 360 owners can get in on the action too.

by Luke Caulfield

Battlefield: Hardline Hidden Weapon SR-25

Battlefield: Hardline Beta Confirmed for Xbox One, PC Players Uncover Hidden Modes and New Weapons

The beta for Battelfield: Hardline has been out in the wild now for both PC and PlayStation 4, and, as tends to happen, players have dug through the files and made some interesting discoveries, including hidden guns, and audio files hinting at new game modes, dialogue, and more.

by Luke Caulfield

Madden NFL 15 E3

EA Uses E3 to Focus on Madden 15's New and Improved Defensive System

Big sports day for Electronic Arts. In addition to EA Sports UFC and FIFA, arguably the publisher's bread and butter was also on hand at this year's E3 -- Madden NFL 15. It was only last week that we got our first peek at the game in action, but now we have a much better look at the title, due out this fall.

by Luke Caulfield

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Gameplay From E3 2014 Shows Off 'Big Personalities', EA Puts On Strange Live Demo

The Sims 4 was given its debut during EA's E3 press conference, which just wrapped up live in Los Angeles.

by Matthew Buzzi

Mirror's Edge 2

'Mirror's Edge 2' Revealed At E3 2014, Early Concept Footage Revealed

We got a first look at Mirror's Edge 2 during EA's E3 press conference today, with a focus on main character Faith and her design, as well as making movement more realistic than before.

by Matthew Buzzi

Battlefield Hardline

'Battlefield Hardline' E3 2014 Beta Available Now,

EA closed out its annual E3 press conference with an extended look at the upcoming cops vs robbers game, Battlefield Hardline. In a move to get everyone excited, they also announced that they are beginning a closed Beta, right now and you can go ahead and sign up if you have a PS4

by Steve Buja

EA Sports UFC Lee v Penn

Bruce Lee Leaves B.J. Penn Eating Feet in New EA Sports UFC Trailer at E3 2014

Microsoft's E3 2014 time is behind us, and now it's publishing giant Electronic Arts' turn. In addition to new games for popular series like Dragon Age and The Sims, EA didn't leave its trademark sports games out in the cold, opening up things with a closer look at the brutal hits of EA Sports UFC.

by Luke Caulfield


'Dawngate' E3 2014 Trailer Shows Off New Content, Behind The Scenes Action

The MOBA domination of the internet continues unabated. EA released a behind the scenes look at their popular new entry into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, Dawngate at E3 today. The footage is quick to emphasize that this is unlike other MOBAs you might have played.

by Steve Buja

Dragon Age Inquisition Screen 3

'Dragon Age Inqusition' Characters And Dragon Battle Revealed In E3 EA Conference Footage [VIDEO]

Dragon Age Inquisition was briefly shown off during Microsoft's E3 conference, but the EA showcase went deeper with Bioware's upcoming RPG.

by Matthew Buzzi

Battlefield: Hardline Hummer

'Battlefield Hardline' Gets Live Action Trailer Pre-E3 2014 Reveal

E3's first event kicks off soon enough, and EA's press conference begins in just a few hours. The publisher has already promised more information on the next title in its infamous FPS series, Battlefield: Hardline, and to keep fans' attention once Microsoft is finished, EA has released a new teaser for the game in the form of a live-action trailer.

by Luke Caulfield


Where and When to Watch E3's Big News and Announcements

It's finally here. We've compiled a schedule and links to livestreams of each planned press conference, so you won't miss a thing.

by Luke Caulfield

Dragon Age Inquisition

'Dragon Age Inquisition' Companions Meet The Iron Bull, The Tal-Vashoth Mercenary

There are nine companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and EA is about to showcase each of them. Today focuses on The Iron Bull, a Tal-Vashoth Mercenary that's sure to be a tank in your party.

by Alex Riviello

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