'Destiny 2' Promotional Material Reportedly Leaked

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 24, 2017 04:09 AM EDT

Excitement is apparently reaching a fever pitch for "Destiny" fans due to some recent news about "Destiny 2". It appears that some promotional artwork and posters have been reportedly leaked as well as the expected release date for Bungie's sequel for their popular online team-based shooter. The posters were believed to be accidentally leaked by an Italian retailer ahead of the developer's official announcement. However, some sources have cautioned that it might be an elaborate hoax that some tricksters came up with to troll gamers.

Several reports have suspected that some "Destiny" fans might have printed mock posters and taken pictures to make it seem like a leak. The "Destiny 2" posters themselves have printed the release date for the follow-up to Bungie's popular online multiplayer shooter RPG. The date seems to match the previous reports that the developer has scheduled the game to come out this year. According to Kotaku, it reveals that the launch date is going to be on Sept. 8, 2017.

Not only does the leaked "Destiny 2" poster reveal the game's retail date, it also indicates that a beta will be available in advance. It appears gamers will be able to access the beta as a pre-order bonus for the shooter. A NeoGAF user named HigXx, the leak originated from Gamestop and also carries the text "lega dei guardiani," which translates into "alliance of the guardians" in English. The poster reportedly carries the blue accent found on games with marketing partnerships with Sony.

Most reports believe that the leaked "Destiny 2" posters are authentic. However, gamers are advised to await an official confirmation from the developer just to be sure. Leaks like these are reportedly expected by fans and jokingly called a Bungie tradition. Additionally, some sources have hinted that the developer will make an announcement about the sequel soon.

Game Rant also points out that this is not the first time that some "Destiny 2" news has been revealed ahead of official announcements. A previous report confirmed that a retailer has possibly leaked some story details through a product posting online. It seems the leaked promotional items were confirmed to be authentic, according to an updated article from Kotaku.

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