Kid With Autism Completes First 'Destiny' Raid Courtesy Of A Helpful Team

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 27, 2017 04:34 AM EDT

The "Destiny" community continues to surprise people despite being released almost three years ago. It has been noted that the players that play the game have often been very helpful towards other gamers compared to other gaming communities. Seasoned players have been reported to have helped struggling gamers or those with disabilities complete some of the sci-fi shooter's challenges. Just recently, a team of "Destiny" players extended their assistance to help a boy with autism complete his first raid including the challenge mode.

While the news of "Destiny" players helping other newbies get through the challenging parts of a raid, it is reportedly a unique feeling to be able to guide someone through their first raid. These events are one of the best features introduced by the shooter and is considered by the community as the highlight of the game's experience, says Game Rant. The raids themselves are also considered to be one of the most memorable parts of the game since year 1.

The "Destiny" clan called Lords of YOLO managed to help a 12-year-old boy who told them he had autism complete the challenges and finish his first raid. The featured raid was "Crota's End" and featured the challenges like Ir Yut and more. Even though there has been some negative feedback about the game and its community, the video proved again how helpful some of the groups are. Throughout the raid, the boy can be heard shouting excitedly about his experience.

Some of the other recent positive highlights from the "Destiny" community involve a Twitch streamer RealKraftyy as he and a companion helped a kid go to the Lighthouse in the Trials of Osiris event. Another was a streamer called Dr Lupo, who helped a terminally ill gamer go flawless as well. There have countless reports where the gaming community assisted other players complete challenges like the raids and other modes of the shooter.

The latest "Destiny: Age of Triumph" update showcases a weekly featured raid that allows players to take on the challenges specific to that event. A lot of gamers were initially confused prior to the launch of the latest update thinking that all refreshed raids will be immediately available, reports Gamenguide. The "Destiny" community again shows the world how gaming can also bring out the best of some people.

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