Capcom Removes New 'Street Fighter V' Stage Due To BGM Controversy

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 28, 2017 08:57 AM EDT

Just after the release of their latest DLC content, Capcom is shoved into the spotlight of controversy all over again with "Street Fighter V". The game was previously the subject of a lot of feedback from gamers who found R. Mika's posterior taunt a little too offensive. The developer was forced to tweak some of its camera angles appease some conservative fans. Now, the developer has suddenly removed the new Thailand stage from the in-game shop due to some religious issues.

According to some reports, "Street Fighter V" players were able to point out that the BGM that accompanies the new Thailand stage contains Islamic chanting. The stage itself is set in Buddhist temple and is supposed to reflect Buddhism, but the background music mix-up might offend some people. Game Rant notes that the stage is one of the most memorable icons of "Street Fighter II" and showcased Capcom's design skills in the early days.

The mismatched BGM in the Thailand stage can be considered controversial for Capcom since it reveals that the developer did not do its research. It seems like the "Street Fighter V" developers are confused about the two different religions but decided to go with it anyway, which may be considered insensitive by some players.

Capcom has already removed the new stage from the in-game store and explained that they will change the music. The developer claims that it was "unintentional" and plans to replace the audio soon. They also mentioned that "The 'Street Fighter V' development and operations team" respects "all faiths and religions around the world." The company also wanted to express their apologies to anyone who was offended by the content.

After their unscheduled maintenance, it appears that Capcom has replaced the Thailand stage's BGM with M. Bison's theme for the meantime. Gamenguide also reported that an unintentional PlayStation Store leak revealed the next DLC fighter for "Street Fighter V". The product description for the season pass revealed that Ed is the next character to join the roster.

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