Nintendo Switch Release Date, Latest News & Update: New Mario Game Ramps Up Game Console Chances in 2017

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 23, 2016 06:58 AM EDT

The Nintendo Switch has been finally introduced with its chances in the game console market yet to be known. Despite its unique concept of being a flexible portable solution, it may need the help of old hands like Mario to jack up its chances.

Speaking of which, the games for the Nintendo Switch have yet to be known. Several games did appear when the game console was unveiled though nothing has been officially announced. One game that is expected it the Mario series and such was seen in the trailer for the Nintendo Switch.

From afar, it will be a different kind of "Mario" game for the Nintendo Switch which could come alongside it once it is released in March 2017. It confirms previous rumors that there is a new Mario game expected to come out, Attack of the Fan Boy reported.

The footage seen in the trailer below is nothing more than a tease. The only thing that can be concluded is that "Mario" will be around to help the chances of the Nintendo Switch which has so far drawn divided opinions.

Earlier in the year, it was mentioned that Nintendo opted to keep the game console under wraps to avoid copycats. That is one reason why it was not around during E3 2016 though it seems hard to picture who among its competitors would try to imitate the Nintendo Switch.

An obvious feature that makes the Nintendo Switch different from other game consoles is that it comes with detachable controllers and a screen. It can be easily configured for play anywhere as it addresses the flexibility of gamers globally.

While that makes it stand out, there are some who believe that the chances of Nintendo to rebound against Microsoft and Sony will still depend on, the New York Times reported. And one thing that comes to mind are the games that it will have to offer.

"Mario" is one and likely other famed Nintendo titles like "Donkey Kong" or even "Legend of Zelda". Pokemon could be another title though we just have to wait until 2017 to see if that is in the roadmap of Nintendo.

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