'Street Fighter 5' Release Date, News & Update: Capcom to Release Additional DLC Early Due to Bad Sales?

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Oct 30, 2016 10:14 AM EDT

Capcom isn't having such a great year. The studio released "Street Fighter 5" back in February, but it seems that sales hasn't grown throughout the last eight months that the game has been out.

The studio released a new update that brought about the character Uriel, which was welcomed warmly by fans. However, new content also included malware that installed rootkits that posed as a security threat to gamers of "Street Fighter 5."

It seems that the lukewarm reception to "Street Fighter 5" is evident in sales, as the company posted an update regarding their sales figures. It showed that they only sold about 1.4 million copies of "Street Fighter 5," and that are not more than 100,000 were shipped between the periods of May and September, as per Eurogamer. It's a grim situation, given the issues faced by the game today.

Now it seems that Capcom is looking to release additional DLC early due to bad sales. "Street Fighter 5" would definitely be more attractive to gamers if they release exclusive content that would make them want to purchase the game. In fact, it seems that the studio is already working on it.

According to Gamerant, Capcom is "working hard" to address the lack of content in "Street Fighter 5." This may mean that they are releasing additional DLC earlier than expected thanks to the dismal sales figures. Fans have taken to forums and social media to show their support. Some have suggested to release a "Super" or "Ultra" version of the game to cause spike in sales.

Aside from a decision to release DLC early, Capcom may also tap into the Xbox One market by releasing "Street Fighter 5" on that platform. They really should consider this, as Xbox actually outsold the PlayStation back in July, meaning there's definitely a spike in users of the Microsoft platform.

Destructoid cites Capcom's lack of communication and commitment to the game, which resulted to the dismal reviews and sales of "Street Fighter 5" that has been known for being around for some time. What do you think Capcom should do to release additional DLC early? Comment below on what you'd like to see from the studio.

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