'Dragon Ball Super' Spoiler, Latest News & Updates: Ep. 66 Recapped, Son Goku's Efforts Not Enough? Ep. 67, 68 Plot Here

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 15, 2016 12:00 AM EST

"Dragon Ball Super" recently launched episode 66 and with it, fans are treated to something that seems to be quite the downer. After what can be described as a fully action-packed episode to date, fans are certainly wondering what could transpire next in the said world.

As some may know, the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super" showcased how Son Goku faced Zamasu in the last episode, wherein everything was ended dry. Son Goku unleashed the full potential of his Super Saiyan Blue power into one Kamehameha wave to weaken the villain, but things did not end there.

According to recent reports, the strike weakened Zamasu drastically inducing a discoloration to his face. Such did not do the job, however, as Zamasu was still standing with Son Goku still having some energy left. Opting for hand-to-hand combat, Zamasu was knocked out with a massive kick to the face, but is not down and out. From there, Son Goku also faints from loss of power, which leads to a massive revelation for "Dragon Ball Super."

Other reports noted how Gomasu informed Son Goku on the vulnerability of Zamasu, since it was only his future self that was granted immortality. That being said, Son Goku might need Vegeta to fuse with him once more to create Vegito, though the job was evidently not done just yet. While in the talk of drama in "Dragon Ball Super," Vegeta's life in the family seems to also be crumbling, as he was said to be somewhat jealous of his son Trunks because of his triumphant preservation of the world.

This could be the direction taken in the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super," namely episodes 67 and 68. Though it has not been confirmed yet, the potential plot could be along that direction wherein Zamasu is yet to be beat and everyone will see how. It was also said that episode 68 will mark the end of that story line, so stay locked for more news and updates here at GamenGuide.

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