'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Get Legendary Weapon Zwill Crossblades

By Allan , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:52 PM EST

One of the strongest weapon in "Final Fantasy 15" is the Zwill Crossblades which can only be acquired after the game is completed. However, this weapon is not easily obtained as players will need to complete a series of special quests before they can use it. And this guide will be all about giving tips and tricks how to finish the quest and acquire the legendary weapon.

Where to Find the Quests to Get Zwill Crossblades?

Once the player has finished the game, the next thing to do is head to Lestallum and look for a new NPC named Randolph. He is offering a set of quests where players will be rewarded upon completing each mission. And the last quest he will offer is the "Wondrous Weapon" quest which is the mission that will give the powerful Zwill Crossblades.

How to Defeat Naglfar to Get Legendary Weapon Zwill Crossblades?

The "Wondrous Weapon" quest will require the player to defeat a level 120 boss monster named Naglfar. This is one of the most challenging quests in "Final Fantasy 15" so players must be ready before they start the quest and recommended to only start the mission if it has reached level 99. One way to defeat him is to target his weakness which is fire magic. Throw as many fire spells as possible, the highest one if available, and have at least 50 healing items ready just to be sure.

After defeating the boss monster, players will receive the Squirming Bone which should be taken back to Randolph. As Randolph confirms the completion of the quest, he will give the legendary weapon Zwill Crossblades along with 20,000 XP.

All the Legendary Weapon in "Final Fantasy 15"

Before the Zwill Crossblades, Randolph will offer 4 special mission first and each of it will reward legendary weapons. This will include the Iron Juke, the Dragoon Lance, Ziedrich and the Soul Saber. Each quest will be harder than the first wherein the final quest is the battle with Naglfar. It is the most intense battle out of the five but it also gives the best legendary weapon among all quest.

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