Days Of Our Lives Season 52 Spoilers Rumors And Updates: Joey Marries Jade? Casting Change For Jade

By zekiah , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:55 PM EST

Days of Our Lives is one of the longest running daytime soap operas today. The series has been airing nearly every weekday since its first episode on November 8, 1965. Now on it's 52nd season, the show is still going strong. Here are the spoilers for Days of Our Lives season 52.

Since their first meeting, Joey Johnson and Jade Michaels has always had an on and off relationship. Both of them have had troubled past and might seem destined for each other. Joey killed Ava, his father was almost convicted and his parents were separated from each other due to the constant fighting. Jade on the other hand is manipulative and selfish but on some occasions can have a sweet and sensitive side. It's no surprise that Joey and Jade have a connection for each other because of their troubled past but can also be the cause of their fights. They are a big part of Days of Our Lives season 52 and will be as long as they keep their storylines fresh.

What shook their relationship was the accidental pregnancy of Jade because both Jade and Joey are teenagers who still can't support their unborn child. The announcement happened as Joey was supposed to break up with her but was shocked by the surprise announcement and had to call off the break up to support their child. The Days of Our Lives couple season 52 had to set their differences aside for the child.

But not everything is smooth sailing for the troubled couple of Days of Our Lives season 52. Joey keeps blaming Jade for the pregnancy even if both of them are at fault. The stress experienced from the constant blaming caused Jade to be rushed to the emergency room. At first they thought that Jade had a miscarriage. But was later concluded that the stress caused the dehydration and vomiting.

Fans are starting to hate the Days of Our Lives season 52 couple with Joey's constantly blaming Jade and Jade who seems to be rejecting her unborn child. But after seeing Kayla's ultrasound, she was filled with emotion and love that she thought wasn't possible. She later apologized to Joey. This could be start of rekindling their relationship and might be the end of their constant fighting. They might eventually set aside their differences for their unborn child and finally truly love each other.

In other news, characters might get a recasting and that includes Jade. Paige Searcy the actress of Paige Searcy might leave the show. And with the Days of Our Lives couple appearing in every episode, a recast has to be done. Rumors are saying that it might be Gabrielle Haugh who will replace the actress. Stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives season 52 Updates.

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