Mads Mikkelsen Discusses 'Death Stranding'

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 14, 2017 09:00 AM EST

Hideo Kojima's "Death Stranding" features several notable actors who share their likeness in the game. When the first trailer for the game came out, fans were surprised to see Norman Reedus possibly playing the lead character. The following teasers also showed Guillermo del Toro appearing in the game, while the same trailer also reveals Mads Mikkelsen towards the end.

In Kojima's latest video for his HideoTube series, Mikkelsen was in the spotlight to talk about the developer's latest game. The actor apparently expressed his excitement to work with an experienced game developer. He also reportedly believes that Kojima will deliver a fantastic game once it is officially released, as reported by Gamespot.

Mad Mikkelsen was previously quoted by reports to have said that Hideo Kojima was a "master." It was also speculated that the two are starting to become best buddies. Additionally, the actor even likened the "Death Stranding" producer to Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed the movie "Drive." The actor offered a brief description of his work, where he supposedly delivered his performance with minimal cues unlike being in a film environment.

Despite the challenges he has experienced, it seems that actor believes that the developers will push through positively. He also told Kojima that "Everything is created by you guys," and refers to himself as just "a base," says Game Rant. The actor also claims that "everything else" is just going to be created. Therefore, the actors must trust the developers to handle the remaining requirements to complete the game, he added.

It is very obvious that Mads Mikkelsen has worked with CGI environments and characters prior to "Death Stranding." Moreover, it seems to be a rare experience where a well-known actor shared his opinions about working on video games. Players suspect that the actor will most likely get a lot of screen time along with the game's protagonist Norman Reedus.

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