Nintendo Switch: Virtual Console Not Available During Launch, Says Nintendo

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 24, 2017 09:54 PM EST

Fans that are hoping to play their classic games on the Nintendo Switch will most likely be disappointed. It appears some recent news indicated that the new Nintendo console will launch without the Virtual Console feature found on its other video game systems. Die-hard fans of the Japanese gaming company were apparently waiting for months since the console's official reveal to confirm if the feature is included.

The news supposedly started to flood online publications just after the imposed review embargo dropped. The gaming firm reportedly issued a PR e-mail, which revealed that the system will launch without the particular feature in tow. The communication from the company did not specify the reasons and did not mention a tentative timeframe as to when the feature will arrive as an update. According to Forbes, its absence somehow indicates that the product was rushed.

Based on the PR communication sent by Nintendo regarding the anticipated function, the company said "Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch." Just like that, they did not even attempt to offer an explanation as to why it did not make it in time for the launch. Instead, the business has reported opted to just say that "we will share more information in the future." The system is reportedly lacks other elements like a web browser or any video streaming apps, which they already confirmed in a previous press release last month.

Reports have noted that the hybrid game system could have addressed their sparse launch games lineup with the missing feature. The service already has a vast library of classic games that players might want to purchase and play, while waiting for a game that they want to release. Other users are also reportedly concerned if their previous purchases would be transferred to the device once the feature is available. This is understandable given that a recent article confirmed that the Switch will not support game sharing on multiple devices, as reported by Game Rant.

It appears the Nintendo Switch's launch success obviously relies on "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," since the rest of the launch titles appear to be not that interesting for most players. Reports also reveal that fans might give Nintendo a chance and wait for the eventual arrival of the Virtual Console, but the current situation does support the other speculations that the company has rushed the console's launch to replace the Wii U's disappointing performance. The Nintendo Switch is launching next week on March 3, 2017 for $299.

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