Nintendo Switch Blue Screen Of Death Reported

By Michael Augustin , Updated Mar 08, 2017 05:56 PM EST

The Nintendo Switch launch and aftermath was met with mostly positive feedback and praises. However, several reports have surfaces that exposed some of the problems players encountered with their new game system. The latest complaint from an owner claims that the console experienced a blue screen of death error, which rendered the device unusable. The Reddit user claimed that the problem cropped up an hour after the console was turned on for the first time.

Based on the owner's report, he was able to play around with "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" until the display inexplicably turned white. The owner reportedly heard strange noises from the device and after a quick restart of the system the hybrid console reportedly bricked itself. According to an article from Game Rant, the owner was able to talk with customer support, who acknowledged that the game system was "dead" and will be replaced by the original retailer.

Reports have confirmed that this is apparently the first case reported about the Nintendo Switch blue screen of death error. Meanwhile, other sources have detailed that some users have reported a collection of problems they experienced with their consoles. Complaints of flickering screens, which transition from black to white, while others have pointed out an unresponsive orange screen are just some of the problems encountered by consumers.

Another problem that was widely reported by consumers is the desynchronization of its Joy-Con controllers. A report from Gamenguide reveals that several users have complained to Nintendo about the left Joy-Con and its tendency to lose connection with the device. Some YouTube users were able to upload videos that replicated the problem with the left controller. Meanwhile, Nintendo has updated its official website to offer workarounds for the controller predicament.

Even though the Nintendo Switch has received many complaints after its launch, it sales performance still continues to look great for the company. Other than the unit that was bricked after encountering a blue screen of death error, Nintendo should start to focus on fixing these issues. Some analysts have also predicted that the Switch sales could reach five million before the year ends.

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