[LEAKS] 'Fornite' Season 2 Chapter 8 Update Guide: 'Among Us'  Possible Crossover, 'Naruto' Skins + MORE

[LEAKS] 'Fornite' Season 2 Chapter 8 Update Guide: 'Among Us' Possible Crossover, 'Naruto' Skins + MORE

Several leakers revealed in their social media posts that new elements were planned to be added in Fortnite's possible "Chapter 2 - Season 8." These rumored in-game elements includes a possible collaboration with "Among Us" as well as a Character Skin inspired by Uzumaki Naruto.

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'Pokemon Go' Heracross Raid Guide: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Movesets

After being an exclusive Pokemon for South American players, Heracross will be appearing in Pokemon Go as part of the 3-Star Raids for the Ultra Unlock 2021: Space event.

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'Fortnite' Alien Samples Locations Guide: How to Carry and Where to Find

Aside from Legendary Quests, the Week 9 of Fortnite's "Chapter 2 - Season 7" will bring in a new set of Epic Quests for its players to accomplish. One of these quests gives them the task to collect an alien sample from one of the seven locations and transport it to Corny Complex.

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MtG 'Innistrad: Midnight Hunt' Spoiler: Wrenn and Seven Returning + What Cards Players Would Expect

Several employees of Wizards of the Coast reveals details regarding Magic: The Gathering's incoming set, "Innistrad: Midnight Hunt." The said expansion pack for the card game will feature a returning Legendary Plainswalker, as well other featured cards in the set, with one one of them will feature a returning mechanic.

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Destiny 2 Season 15 Character Changes Guide: What Abilities, PVP, Gameplay Mechanics Will be Tweaked

While Bungie prepares for their Destiny 2 showcase this coming August 24th, the developers of the shooting game have prepared their desired changes for the shooting game, making way for something big once the possible Season 15 comes.

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'Rust' Going Deep Update Guide: Submarines, Torpedoes, Other New Content Players Would Expect

Rust received its "Going Deep" update, making its players dive in to the wonders and dangers of the underwater. In this update, they will explore dungeons that are installed in the ocean deep while riding a submarine, dive and kills sharks to get treasure, and fish for resources.

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'Mario Golf: Super Rush' Version 2.0.0 Update: Free DLC Character, Stages, Other Additions Players would Expect

Mario Golf: Super Rush received its first major update since its launch. The said update gives the game's first, and free, DLC in the form of Toadette and the New Donk City course, as well as adding the new Ranking Match Online Multiplayer mode.

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'CoD: Black Ops Cold War' Season 5 Guide: 'Among Us' Double Agent Game Mode Details + MORE Additions

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Season 5 is fast approaching, and Treyarch, its developers, announced that the new "Double Agent" will be added in the new season. Players need to think fast and strategize in this game mode, or else the double agents will exterminate them without knowing who they are.

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Fortnite Locator, Alien Billboard Locations Guide: Believer Beach, Catty Corner, Dirty Docks, Boney Burbs, and More

A new week means a new set of Legendary Quests in Fortnite's Chapter 2 - Season 7. In one of these quests, players need to equip a detector in order to find the alien billbords that is erected in places in the map such as the Believer Beach, Catty Corner, Dirty Docks and Boney Burbs.

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'Genshin Impact' Yoimiya Banner Guide: Move Set, Ascension Materials, Details, Release Date

miHoYo released the latest trailer for Yoimiya, one of the three characters that will be featured in Genshin Impact's Version 2.0. This Pyro character will bring in the boom to her enemies with her fireworks-inspired attacks.

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'The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners' Aftershocks Gameplay PSVR Update Guide: What to Expect, Release Date

After a long delay, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners will receive its second update, "Aftershocks." With this update, which be downloaded for free, players will dive in to remixed missions and craft weapons to survive against the horde of the Undead and their own.

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'Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' Standalone Release Update Guide: New Game Modes, Features, Content and MORE

Sucker Punch announced that "Ghost of Tsushima: Legends" will have its standalone release. This multiplayer expansion will also receive several new additions, particularly a new game mode and a new gameplay mechanic/

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DOOM Eternal Patch 6.2 Update: What Fixes that Will be Implemented

DOOM Eternal will have its Patch 6.2 Update, which will be consisting of mostly bug fixes. The said set of fixes included one that involves around the BFG, and other in-game elements including cosmetics and other gameplay aspects.

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‘Free Fire’ Rewards + OB29 Update Guide: How to Redeem Codes, New Content, Game Mode, and MORE

In line for its incoming 4th year anniversary, Free Fire will receive its OB29 Update, which will give the game new content, including new weapons and a new "Lone Wolf" game mode, as well as balance changes. Aside from that, the shooting game will give away free redeem codes.

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'Fortnite' Version 17.30 Patch Notes Update Guide: New Weapon, Map Changes + More

Fortnite's newest Version 17.30 Update brings forth new content to the ever-continuing alien invasion-esque Chapter 2 - Season 7. The said version update will bring forth a new weapon, a significant map change, and a new limited-time game mode to the players of the shooting game.

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