'Street Fighter V' DLC Characters Guide: What to Expect, Additional 2021 Updates, Release Date + More

'Street Fighter V' DLC Characters Guide: What to Expect, Additional 2021 Updates, Release Date + More

During their recent Summer Update livestream, Capcom announced the final DLC character for Street Fighter V in the form of Luke, a kickboxer that can pull fast punches. The said livestream also revealed updates regarding Oro and Akira, particularly their 'V-Skills' and 'V-Triggers.'

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'Fortnite' New Street Fighter Skins: How to Get, Release Date, and Everything to Expect

For the second time, Street Fighter characters will crossover to the world of Fortnite, only this time, Guile and Cammy will enter the said shooting gamer. Along with them are special in-game items for players to have.

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'Rust - Console Edition' Patch 1.04 Update Guide: What Players Would Expect

The Console Edition of Rust receives its Patch 1.04 update. The said patch update fixed a lot of bugs and issues within the survival game, some of which might affect the gameplay.

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[LEAKS] 'Genshin Impact' Aloy Update Guide: What are Her Rumored Skills, Materials for 'Ascension'

Several leakers reveal additional details regarding Aloy after miHoYo announced her possible arrival in the game. The leaks contain what kind of attacks that she has as well as materials for her "Ascension."

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August PS Now Games 2021 Includes 3 Free Titles: How to Get Your Very Own Copy

PlayStation Now will give away three video game titles for free this month. Players may now have their hands on a free copy of "NieR: Automata," "Undertale," and "Ghostrunner."

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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition 'The African Royals' Expansion Pack Guide: New Civilizations, Release Date, Price + What to Expect

Age of Empires III will receive its new "The African Royals" Expansion Pack for its "Definitive Edition." In this Expansion Pack, players can take control two new civilizations from Africa, the Ethiopians and the Hausa, while obtaining the new resource, "Influence."

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'CoD: Warzone' Update Guide: Error Code Diver Fix + Other Fixes Players Would Expect

Call of Duty: Warzone recently received its update, which despite giving no significant changes to its gameplay, it provided several bug fixes. This included a fix to a persisting dev error that players usually encounter when they attempt to log in the game.

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Xbox is Giving Away 'Diablo III' for Free: How to Get Your Own Copy

Without any formal announcements in their Social Media Accounts and in their website, Microsoft released Blizzard's Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition for free for their Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subsribers.

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Roblox Free Promo Codes for August 2021 Guide: How to Redeem

Every month, Roblox is giving away a number of free promo codes for its players to unlock and try. These limited-time only codes can give them various in-game items ranging from accessories to pets.

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Metroid Dread Guide: Tweet Teases Return of Game Feature + Pre-Order Details, Release Date, MORE

After its reveal in E3 2021, Nintendo announced several details regarding Metroid Dread. A possible return of a familiar enemy, as well as new gameplay features, awaits both Samus Aran and the players of the side-scroller. Also, pre-orders are now open, with bonues will be given for those who avail it.

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Destiny 2 Cross Play Updates Guide: How Does These Work In-Game, When is the Release Date?

Bungie reveals an update regarding the possible integration of Cross Play for Destiny 2. The said update reveals new mechanics within the said function, including changing of in-game names, matchmaking tweaks, and player protection against online harassment.

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'FGO' 6th Anniversary Free SSR Guide: How to Pull GSSR Banners, A Returning Servant

Players of Fate/Grand Order, or "Masters," will have the opportunity of pulling off a guaranteed SSR Servant in a limited-time banner in celebration of the game's 6th Anniversary.

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Genshin Impact Beidou Guide: How to Get the Character for Free + Best Builds, Claymores for Her

Players of Genshin Impact have the opportunity to own their very own Beidou while completing the "Thunder Sojourn" Event Quest. When they have the said character, they will need to learn what is the best build for her.

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'Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water' Guide: What to Expect from Players, Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus Costumes

Koei Tecmo announced the release date of "Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water," the remastered version of the fifth game in the Fatal Fram series. Players will receive new costumes once they bought either the game as a pre-order purchase or in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

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Monster Hunter Rise 'Ammy Costume' Palamute Layered Armor Guide: How to Get It

The Monster Hunter Rise-Okami collaboration Event Quest for the "Ammy Costume" Layered Armor Set is online, as the game receives its Patch 3.2.0 Update. The said patch update also fixed bugs that could potentially affect the game.

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