'NASCAR 21: Ignition' Guide: In-Game Features, Release Date, Pre-Order Details

'NASCAR 21: Ignition' Guide: In-Game Features, Release Date, Pre-Order Details

"NASCAR 21: Ignition," the newest installment to the NASCAR racing video game series, is boasting better and true-to-life graphics while its gameplay will create the competitive atmosphere just like a real NASCAR race.

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'Fortnite' Week 10 Legendary Quest Alien Mothership Location Guide: Where to Find, How to Visit the Slurp Factory Inside

One of the Week 10's Legendary Quests for Fortnite's "Chapter 2 - Season 7" will let players locate the one of Abductors, or the alien motherships, that was hovering in several locations in the game's map. These motherships will have the Slurp Factory that they have abducted without any reason.

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'Brawlhalla' Season 4 Battle Pass Guide: Rewards + Patch 5.10 In-Game Changes Players Could Expect

Brawlhalla's Season 4 will bring a new Battle Pass with 85 progressive tiers for players to accomplish for rewards, including unlocking new tiers and exclusive in-game rewards. Aside from the said Battle Pass, its Patch 5.10 Update brings in fixes to several bugs in the game as well as other changes.

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'Madden 22' Early Access Trial Guide: Release Date, How to Play + Will it be Cross-play Compatible

Madden 22, the newest installment to the Madden american footbal game series, will open its doors for players who want to try out the game via its Early Access Trial, which would last for 10 hours. If they want to have a full experience, they can pre-order the said game.

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'Animal Crossing New Horizons' Patch 1.11.1 Update Guide: What Fixes Players Would Expect

Animal Crossing: New Horizons receives its new Patch 1.11.1 Update. This update, although small, will fix several bugs that was brought by the game's previous Patch 1.11.0 Update.

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'LoL' New 'Crime City Nightmare' Skins 2021: How to Get, Release Date, Price, More Details

Riot Games released splash arts spoiling League of Legends' new "Crime City Nightmare" Champion skin set in their Weibo page. Not only that, they also spoiled its players several splash arts of the "Phoenix" Champion skin line.

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'Dead by Daylight' 2.27 Patch Notes Update: The Executioner Bug Fixes, Trickster Balancing Changes, and MORE

Dead by Daylight receives its recent 2.27 Update, or Patch 5.1.1 Update on the server side. The said update provided bug fixes, as well as more additional buffs for The Trickster and a hilarious fix for The Executioner.

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[LEAKS] Fortnite 'Horde Rush' Game Mode Returns: New Gameplay, Zombies Invisible Items, and MORE!

A Fortnite leak surfaced in social media revealing a possible return of its "Horde Rush" limited-time game mode. Unlike its 2019 edition, the said game mode will feature new zombie enemies, as well as chests that will give players powerful weapons and items that will give them advanatage against the undead horde.

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'Escape from Tarkov' Patch 12.11.2 Update Guide: What New Content, Changes, Fixes Players Could Expect

The multiplayer first-person shooting game "Escape from Tarkov" will receives its newest Patch 12.11.2, which will bring in changes and bug fixes in the game. To implement said patch update, the game will have its 4-hour scheduled server maintenance.

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'Rocket League' Auriga Item Series Guide: How to Get the Blueprint for the Dingo Car

Rocket League announced the addition of the Dingo battle car as part of the Auriga series. Now players can grind in the online matches in order to grab the Blue print for the said battle car.

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'Battlefield V' Free Characters Guide: How to Get the Elites, Grab a Copy on Amazon Prime Gaming

Battlefield V gives away two Elite characters up for grabs for free. Players can have these characters by just simply logging in the game. If they do not have the game but want these characters, they can avail Amazon Prime Gaming's offer of having this shooting game for free.

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'Going Medieval' Update Guide: How to Get Early Access, New Storage Options, Map Changes, and MORE

After the successful launch of its Early Access, "Going Medieval" will receives its new "Update" This update will focus on shelves, racks, and chests, which also includes a new storage managing mechanic, as well as other fixes and tweaks.

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'Fortnite' Gamora Skin: How to Get 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Character Early, Release Date + More Details

The adopted daughter of Thanos and former Guardians of the Galaxy member Gamora will soon to enter the realm of Fortnite as "The Deadliast Woman in the Galaxy" enters the game as its new Character Skin. Not only that, she would also come with her cosmetics, from her grey cloack to the movie-accurate pickaxe sword.

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Pokemon Go 'Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2: Space' Guide: How to Clear Timed, Event Field Research

Trainers of Pokemon Go can now accomplish both the timed and Field Research Quests for the "Part 2: Space" of the month-long "Ultra Unlock 2021" event. Much like any other Research Quests, they will also give them rewards such as Pokemon encounters and in-game items.

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'Psychonauts 2' Gone Gold: Release Date, Preorder, Pre-Download Details

The developers of Psychonauts 2 have announced that the game has "gone gold" or its master copy is ready for mass production once it is finished. The said announcement was made as the game was waiting for its August 25th release.

by Staff Reporter

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