‘Deltarune Chapter 2’ Guide: How to Access its Secret Route, How to Find, Defeat Secret Boss

‘Deltarune Chapter 2’ Guide: How to Access its Secret Route, How to Find, Defeat Secret Boss

The recent release of Deltarune Chapter 2 gives its players an opportunity to traverse around the game in order to look out for secrets and challenges. These secrets, whether if it is a route or a boss, can trigger by an accident or on purpose. And with these discoveries, they may have obtained something that might useful, or might alter their experience in the game.

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'Genshin Impact' 2.2 Update Major Leaks: Dataminers Leak New Heroes, Ability Change, and More

Despite the efforts miHoYo made in eradicating them, dataminers still posted leaks regarding the details of possible new heroes for Genshin Impact, including where they will be released. The leaks also revealed changes in abilities for Thoma before his likely release in the game's Patch 2.2 Update.

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'Destiny 2' Hollow Coronation Exotic Quest Guide: How to Get the 'Ager's Scepter' Trace Rifle (Steps in Order)

Ever since its introduction during the launch of Destiny 2's "Season of the Lost," the Ager's Scepter Exotic trace rifle is an elusive weapon for most of the players because of its exclusivity to those who hold the Season Pass. Now, players can have the said weapon by completing "A Hollow Coronation" quest.

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‘Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Ford F-100 Restoration Guide: How to Fix this Abandoned F-Series Truck

Players of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 will have the opportunity of restoring an abandoned Ford F-100 from purchasing it at the Junkyard, using more than 4,000 new car parts.

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'CoD Warzone' Iron Trials ‘84 Guide: What's Inside? What Are 'Redacted' Weapons and How to Find Them?

Call of Duty: Warzone has rolled out its new "Iron Trials '84" game for its Battle Royale feature. The said mode will be different from the others as it will have weapons that has higher TTK, expensive loadout drops, and a brand-new [REDACTED] weapons that players need to pick up on the game.

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'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Lamborghini Diablo Restoration Guide: How Restore this High-Performance Sports Car [VIDEO]

Players of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 can now restore their very own Lamborghini Diablo, a high-performance mid-engine sports car, from beind sold in the game's Junkyard or Barn to its former glory.

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'Destiny 2' Xur Location Guide: Where is the Merchant Located, What Exotics is He Selling

Xur, the wondering merchantof Destiny 2, has returned this weekend, bringing in Exotic items for players want to buy from him once they found the merchant in any nrandom location in the game.

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'Pokemon Go' Community Day September 2021 Oshawott Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves + How to Catch Shiny Version, and MORE

Pokemon Go's Community Day returns for this month of September, and the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott, will be the focal Pokemon for this event. Aside from the opportunity to catch the said Pokemon, and its shiny variant if they are lucky, Trainers will also receive other rewards and bonuses during the said one-day event.

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'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' GMC Vandura/Bolt Cargo Restoration Guide: How to Convert this Van into 'The Mystery Machine' [VIDEO]

The Mystery Machine, the van that was usually seen in every "Scooby-Doo" animated television show, is one of the vehicles players of the Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 would love to build and owe. Using a scrapped GMC Vandura, or Bold Cargo in the game, they can now make it possible.

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‘MtG’ Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Guide: New Keyword Mechanics, How do They Work

The new "Innistrad: Midnight Hunt" set for Magic: The Gathering will bring forth new keyword abilities were based on the said card set, which focused of vampires, werewolves, and other Horror tropes. Some of the cards in this set will transform and attain new forms and abilities, while some can be casted from the graveyard.

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'MtG Arena' Patch 2021.9.0 Update Guide: Progression Bug Fix, Other Fixes, Changes Players Could Expect + Free XP and Pack Codes

Magic: The Gathering Arena has received its newest Patch 2021.9.0 Update, which will fix the persisting bug that hinders players from progressing in the online card game. Aside from the said major bug fix, several bug fixes and gameplay changes were implemented.

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Epic Games Gives Away 'Speed Brawl,' 'Tharsis' for Free: How to Get Your Own Copy

Epic Games Store will give away copies of "Speed Brawl," a fast-paced 2D-style Side-Scroller, and "Tharsis," a RNG-based tactical survival game, for free until September 23rd.

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'CoD Vanguard' Open Beta Test Guide: How to Join, When will Last, PC System Specs Requirements, and More

Sledgehammer Games initiates the Open Beta Tests for Call of Duty: Vanguard for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The said beta test will not onlky test the game itself, including its graphics and gameplay, but also its cross-platforming function for the said platforms.

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'Car Mechanic Simulator 2021' Story Order 26 Guide: How to Restore a Bolt Atlanta

For Car Mechanic Simulator 2021's Story Order 26, they must repair a Bolt Atlanta Trespasser, which according to the owner, it needs to have its parts replaces, while others needed repairs. With the help of diagnostic tools, players can determine, and fix, the problematic parts in order to get the story order done.

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‘Tank Mechanic Simulator’ Panzer III Ausf. J Restoration Guide: How to Restore this World War II German Tank [VIDEO]

One of the tanks that players of Tank Mechanic Simulator wanted to own and include in their collection is the Panzer III Ausf. J German tank. With the said tank mechanic simulator, they can now restore the said tank from being buried underground to a tank fir for a war museum.

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