'Pokemon Unite' Halloween Festival Event Guide: How to Get Greedent + Best Build for the Pokemon

'Pokemon Unite' Halloween Festival Event Guide: How to Get Greedent + Best Build for the Pokemon

Halloween has come in Pokemon Unite in the form of its "Halloween Festival" event. The said event will make players collect Pumpkins and exchange them with items, including a Unite Licence for Greedent.

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'GW2 End of Dragons' Third Beta Test Guide: Last Three Elite Specs That Players Will Try to Use

ArenaNet revealed the last set of Elite Specializations for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons that players need test in its third beta test. They can now test the Elite Specs for the Engineer, Thief, and Ranger classes for a limited time only.

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'Pokemon Go' Darkrai 5-Star Raid Guide: Weakness, Counters, Movesets, and More

As partr of Halloween Mischief's second half, Darkrai returns to Pokemon Go as part of its 5-Star Raids for a limited time only. Trainers will be given an opportunity to encounter, and catch, this Mythical Pokemon.

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'Overwatch' October 21 Experimental Patch Update Guide: What Changes Developers Made for Several Heroes

Blizzard released the patch notes for the Experimental Patch Updates, bringing in possible changes to several of the shooting game's Heroes, including Junkrat, McCree, Torbjorn, and Moira.

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'Grounded' Hot and Hazy Update Guide: What Additional In-Game Content Players Could Expect

Grounded receives its new "Hot and Hazy" Update, which brings in new additions to the survival game. The said update has added new biomnes that players can traverse, as well as new bugs to encounter, new weapon and armor sets, and consumables.

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'ESO' Witches Festival 2021 Guide: Release Schedule, Rewards, Bonuses, and More + How to Join

Elder Scrolls Online will bring back its seasonal "Witches Festival" Halloween event, and for this year, more rewards will be given away for players who will accomplish the event-exclusive quests given to them.

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'For Honor' Collaborates with 'Dead by Daylight' for a Halloween Event: What Players Could Expect

Ubisoft announced that For Honor and Dead by Daylight will collaborate for "The Survivors of the Fog" event. The said event will bring players towards the environment similar to the horror survival game, while they are trying to survive against the Trapper.

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'No Man's Sky' Expedition 4 'Emergence' Update Guide: Rideable Sandworms, Visual Upgrades, and More

No Man's Sky received its fourth "Expedition," which is entitled "Emergence." The said update has brought in new additional elements, including Titan Worms that players will encounter in the planet of Wasan, as well as other visual additions.

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'Smite' Patch 8.10 Update Guide: New Hero, Event, Skins, and More

Smite received its Patch 8.10 Update, which will bring a new God, the Celtic Goddess Cliodhna, as well as new Halloween-themed God skins. The said patch update also brought in balance changes to several Goids and items, as well as fixes to several issues.

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'CoD Black Ops Cold War' October Patch Update Guide: New Additions, Fixes, and More

Treyarch announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War received its latest October 19 Patch Update, which brings forth Halloween-themed event, "The Haunting," as well as other in-game additions and fixes.

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'MSG Battle Operation Code Fairy' Guide: Release Date, Mobile Suits, Bonuses, and More

It is time enter the battlefield in Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy. A combination of a visual novel and Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle operations 2, Code Fairy revolves on Noisy Fairy, a Zeon special mobile suit unit, and their struggles during the One Year War.

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'Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles' Guide: How to Unlock the Playable Characters, Free DLC Update Release Date, and More

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami Chronicles, players can choose one of the 18 characters, which can be unlocked by clearing chapter's in the game, as well as clearing specific tasks.

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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Patch 13.0.0 Update Guide: Which Characters Will be Buffed, Nerfed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate received its Patch 13.0.0 Update, bringing not only the addition of Sora to the fighting game's roster, but also balancing tweaks to several of its Fighters.

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'Pokemon Go' Gothita Spotlight Hour Guide: Shiny Version, Weakness, Counters, Moveset, and More

For today's Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, Trainers will have the opportunity to catch Gothita, a Psychic-type Pokemon from the Unovan region, as part of the game's "Part 1: Creppy Companions" sub-event.

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'Fallout 76' Halloween Event 2021 Atomic Shop Guide: Treats, Tricks, Rewards, Loot Bags, Discounts, MORE

It's the Halloween season in Appalachia as Fallout 76 will have a series of activities that themed for the said season, where players will receive rewards, including items, if they eliminate the spooky costumed entities that are in the area. Aside from that, discount sales will also be happening within this month of October.

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