Fall Guys 'Ratchet and Clank' Limited time Event Guide: How to Obtain Event-Exclusive Rewards

Fall Guys 'Ratchet and Clank' Limited time Event Guide: How to Obtain Event-Exclusive Rewards

Ratchet and Clank will crossover to "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" for a limited time only. Players can now dress their avatars with in-game items based on the protagonists of the "Ratchet & Clank" franchise.

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Monster Hunter Rise-Okami Collab: What is Amaterasu Layered Armor, How to Download Event Quests, Equip Layered Armor to Palamute

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise and Okami will have a collaboration. Coming from this collaboration is the event-exclusive "Ammy Costume" Layered Armor Set, which is designed after Okami's protagonist.

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CoD: Mobile Season 6 'The Heat' Update Guide: Maps, Release Date, Battle Pass 2021, Ranked Rewards, and MORE

Call of Duty: Mobile will welcome their new Season 6, which is called "The Heat." In this new season, two new maps and a new Zombie Mode will be introduced, along with new weapons, character skins, and a battle pass.

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'Bloons TD 6' Version 27.0 Update Guide: New 'Monkey' Paragons, Boss Battles + What Other New Content Players Would Expect

Bloons TD 6 will receive its Patch 27.0 Version update. This update will give the game new content, including a new Boss Battle mode, new Tower tier, and other additions.

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'Genshin Impact' New Regions 2021 Revealed: What are They, When is the Release Date for Each Region?

miHoYo reveals in their panel for the 2021 Game Developers Conference that they will be releasing four new regions for Genshin Impact. These possible additions to the game will might be rolled out in the next four years.

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[LEAKS| 'Fornite' Season 10 Rift Zones Return: What are the New Twists for Season 7

A leak revealed that "Rift Zones" from "Chapter 1 - Season X" will return in "Chapter 2 - Season 7" as a possible new addition to the mistique of the season's alien invation theme. But unline its previous version, these Rift Zones will have new suprises ahead to the players of the shooting game.

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Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games List Includes 'Battlefield 1 and V': How to Get Them for Yours to Keep

Amazon Prime Gaming will give away both "Battlefield 1" and "Battlefield V" for free. Players can keep these two shooter games, all of which are focused on both World Wars I and II.

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'LoL' Akshan Gets Hotfix After Low Win Rate: What Changes in Abilities Developers Made

After a disappointing 34% win rate, League of Legends' Akshan will be receiving a buff hotfix. This hotfix, according to the developers, will be implemented to make the players learn more about his skill set.

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Genshin Impact 'Thunder Sojourn Acts 1 and 2' Event Guide: What are the Requirements, How to Accomplish

Genshin Impact's Version 2.0 brought in the "Thunder Sojourn" set of quests. In these quests, which two out of the four acts are unlocked, you will needs to be as fast of lightning to accomplish them.

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'Olympic Games Tokyo 2020,' 2 Others are Free to Play for a Limited Time Only: How to Get Your Copy

Sega's "Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game" is free to play for Xbox Gold subscribers along with two other video games. The said offer is just in time for the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020 after a year of being postponed due to the pandemic.

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Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy will Crossover to Genshin Impact: Release Date, How to Get This Character and Her Weapon for Free

Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy will be crossing over to the world of Genshin Impact, along with the "Predator" Bow. Both of them can be attainable for free, but only if they have a PlayStation console.

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Instagram Tests 'Limits' Feature: How This New Tool will Curb Online Harassment, Cyberbullying

Instagram head honcho Adam Mosseri revealed that the social media platform is testing a feature called "Limits," where it can possibly limit forms of online harassment and cyberbullying. This is after reports of rampant racists comments on players on the English national football team where seen on the Instagram following their lost against Italy in the Finals of UEFA Euro 2021.

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Instagram’s ‘Sensitive Content Control’ Allow Option: How to See, Locate, Enable

Instagram has installed a "Sensitive Content Control" option tool for its Explore page. With this tool, users have the ability to control how much sensitive content it wants to see.

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Hitman 3 'Seven Deadly Sins - Season of Lust' DLC Guide: New Assignments, Additional Content, Release Date

Hitman 3 will be sexier and sultry with the "Season of Lust," the newest addition for its "Seven Deadly Sins" DLC expansion series. This chapter will provide new content, including a suit and weapons, that are themed after the sin of lust.

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'Knockout City Season 2 Fight at the Movies' Update Guide: Release Date + What New Content Players Would Expect

After its recent release, Knockout City will have its brand new Season 2 called "Fight at the Movies." The said season will give new content to the brawler dodgeball game, including a new stage and a new ball.

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