'Aliens Fireteam Elite' Patch 1.06 Update Guide: New Class, Other New Content, Changes Players Could Expect

'Aliens Fireteam Elite' Patch 1.06 Update Guide: New Class, Other New Content, Changes Players Could Expect

Alien: Fireteam Elite receives its Patch 1.06 Update, bringin in a new Phalanx Marine Class, as well as four new weapons that players can use in combatting against Xenomorphs. Aside from these additions, several changes and bug fixes will be implemented once the said patch update rolls out.

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'LoL' Patch 11.18 Update Guide: Champion Nerfs, Buffs, Changes + Other Adjustments

League of Legends will receive its Patch 11.18 Update, which will focus solely around Worlds 2021. The said patch update will nerf, tweak, and buff up to 33 of the game's Champions to make them fit in the meta as well as to balance them for Competitive play.

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'Pokemon Go' Psychic Spectacular 2021 Guide: How to Clear this Limited-Time Field Research

Pokemon Go opens the "Psychic Spectacular" Limited-Time Field Research Event for its Trainers as part of the game's month-long "Season of Mischief" event. The said Field Research, once cleared, will reward them in-game items and Pokemon encounters, including one with Inkay, the Revolving Pokemon.

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'Fallout 76' Season 6 Guide: Release Date, Server Maintenance + What Players Could Expect

Fallout 76 will be turning into na superhero comic as the open-world game releases its Season 6, bringing in new content for players who want to be caped crusaders. In the said update, they will join forces with The Unstoppables in battling the evil Diabolicals, while earning rewards b y filling in the ranks in their Scoreboards.

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'AC Valhalla' Title Update 1.3.1 Guide: New River Raids, Difficulty, Additions Players Could Expect

Assassin's Creed Valhalla received its Title Update 1.3.1, bringing in new additions in the game such as a new "Aesir" difficulty and three new River Raids, as well as changes and tweaks to its gameplay elements.

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'Sims 4 Spa Day Refresh' Update Guide: New Additions, Fixes, and Other Elements Players Could Expect

Sims 4 will receive its "Spa Day" Update, which will give the players the opportunity to relax and release the worries away thanks to its new additions like the yoga classes and sauna houses, as well as ways to meditate and earn money at the same time.

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'Battlefield Mobile' Beta Test Guide: How to Sign-Up, Release Date + More Pre-Register Details

Electronic Arts announced that they will open the beta test for their Battlefield Mobile after months of waiting. The said mobile version of the Battlefield franchise promises to be unique from its PC and console counterparts, while retaining the same intense gameplay. The said playtest will first roll out in Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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'Dead by Daylight' Hellraiser Update Guide: New Pinhead Killer, Release Date + What Players Could Expect

Dead by Daylight will receive its "Hellraiser" Update, bringing in the new Killer, The Cenobite, or popularly known as Pinhead, from the 1987 horror cult classic "Hellraiser." Aside from the new Killer, new gameplay changes will implemented once the update rolls out, including changes in its online matchmaking.

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'Fortnite' Operation Sky Fire Event Sign up, Countdown Guide: Release Date, Discounts, Rewards, In-Game Items, and MORE

Fortnite will end its Chapter 2 - Season 7 with a bang with the "Operation: Sky Fire" event. In this event, players will infiltrate the alien mothership in order to stop their invasion of the island.

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'Pokemon Go' Safari Zone 2021 Guide: Cities to be Included, How to Buy Tickets, Schedules, and More

After a year of being postponed following the Covid-19 pandemic, Niantic announced that Safari Zones will be returning in Pokemon Go. Three parks in United Kingdom and United States will be participating in the said event, and players can join in, either in-person or play globally.

by Staff Reporter


'Far Cry 6' Guide: PC System Specs, Pre-Order Bonuses, Release Date

Ubisoft released the PC system spec requirements for Far Cry 6. The said specs are said to be optimized depending on the situation, including running the game on different resolutions and whether raytracing is enabled or not.

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Fortnite ‘Best Friendzy’ Event Guide: How to Sign Up, Unlock Rewards

Fortnite formally opens its "Best Friendzy" limited time event, where a players and its in-game friend will play a game either in Battle Royale or Creative in order to gain points, which they could exchange for rewards.

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'DayZ' Experimental Patch 1.14 Update Guide: What Additions, Fixes Players Could Expect

DayZ will receive its Experimental Patch 1.14 Update, which will bring in new additions to the game, including two new contaminated areas, weapons, hunting items, and among others, while it provided changes and fixes in several in-game changes.

by Staff Reporter


'LoL' Vex Champion Guide: Gameplay, Abilities, Release Date, and More Details

Riot Game released the trailer video for Vex, the gloomy new Champion for League of Legends. The emo Yordle will bring in the classic crowd control as a battle mage that can control both the mid lane and team fights thanks to her Shadow and her abilities.

by Staff Reporter


'Destiny 2' Hotfix Update Guide: How Long Will the Server Down + Additional Voice Chat for Cross-Platform, Weapons Changes, and More

Destiny 2 will receive its new Hotfix Update, bringing in changes and additions to the shooting game. The said patch update nerfed the perk of the Lorentz Driver linear fusion rifle, while it adds a voice chat feature for its cross-platform feature.

by Staff Reporter

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