Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Weapons, Artifacts Guide: Stat Bonuses, How to Craft the 4-Star Weapons

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Weapons, Artifacts Guide: Stat Bonuses, How to Craft the 4-Star Weapons

While its Version 2.0 are on the way, Genshin Impact will release weapons and artifact sets for players to use. The weapons can be earned either through invocation banners or through crafting.

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F1 2021

F1 2021 Gameplay Guide: What New Content Players Will Experience + Release Date, Price, and Bonuses

F1 2021 is expected to get released within this week and racing fans will be experiencing a high-octane gameplay that it provides. The game itself has a new story mode, a new multiplayer mode, and others than they could enjoy.

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'Elder Scrolls Online' Patch 7.0.8 Update Guide: What Gameplay Changes Players Would Expect

Elder Scrolls Online will be receiving their Patch 7.0.8 Update. This patch update includes several changes towards their 2 DLC chapters, as well as other gameplay fixes.

by Staff Reporter


'Fortnite' LeBron James Skin: How to Get, Release Date, Price, New Content, and MORE to Expect

NBA Superstar Lebron James arrives in Fortnite as a new skin. Along with his arrival, new skins, weapons, accessories, and cosmetics will be also up for grabs.

by Staff Reporter


'Fortnite' Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 6 Quest Guide: Where to Find and How to Use the 'Inflate-A-Bull,' Where to Place Cow Decoys

The alien invasion continues in Fortnite's Chapter 2 - Season 7, and along with it, a new set of quests are up for grabs for players to accomplish them. In this Week 6's Legendary Quests, players will use the "Inflate-A-Bull" consumable item as well as placing cow decoys in several areas.

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Red Dead Online ‘Blood Money’ Update Guide: What Content Players Would Expect to See

Read Dead Online is set to receive their new "Blood Money" Update. The said update will not only provide new content and bonuses, but also NVIDIA's DLSS support for the game.

by Staff Reporter


3 Best Intel CPUs for Gaming: System Specs, Price Comparisons

With the AMD's Ryzen 5000 series of microprocessors became on top of the CPU market, Intel's 11th Gen microprocessors are also riding in, promising high performance for gaming purposes.

by Staff Reporter


FIFA 22: Hypermotion Technology Explained, Volta Football Mode, Cross-Play Possibilities, Price, More Details

After a long wait, Electronic Arts finally announced the release of FIFA 22. This new installment to the FIFA series will feature the new "HyperMotion" system that will capture the realism as if players are watching a football game.

by Staff Reporter


‘Pokemon GO Fest 2021' Guide: How to Get Tickets, New Price, Benefits, Bonus + Event Spawns and More

The Pokemon Go Fest returns this year, and the trainers are now preparing for the event by buying its tickets. These tockets will give them perks and bonuses ranging from extra XP to Raid Passes.

by Staff Reporter


'PUBG' Mobile Version 1.5 Update: New Content, Battle Pass + How to Download

PUBG Mobile receives its Patch 1.5 Version Update. This patch update will give new content to the shooting game, including a collaboration with Tesla.

by Staff Reporter


'Genshin Impact' 2.0 Primogems: How to Redeem Free Primogem Codes, Release Date, What Players Could Expect

Genshin Impact is expected to receive the Version 2.0 Update within this month. This long-awauted update will include a new location, new companions, and improvements that will give way to the game's cross-progression towards multiple gaming platforms.

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Monster Hunter Rise 'Rampage: Muddi Gras' Event Guide: How to Download Quests, Defeat Almudron, Use Stickers

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be having the "Rampage: Muddi Gras" Event Quest. This event quest will make the Hunters defeat its Boss Monster, Almudron, in order to snag the event quest-exclusive "Festival Sticker Set."

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Summer Placements Now Available on Academy of Art University's Free Pre-College Art Experience Program

Summer Placements Now Available on Academy of Art University's Free Pre-College Art Experience Program

Young people hoping to study creative degrees can earn tuition credit through this Academy of Art University program.

by Ernest Hamilton


MTG Arena Patch 2021.7.0 'Adventures in Forgotten Realms' Update Guide: What New Content, Improvements Players Would Experience

Dungeons and Dragons will be crossing over the realms of Magic: the Gathering as the Patch 2021.7.0 Update enters Magic: the Gathering Arena. The patch itself brings for the "Adventures in Forgotten Realms" expansion along with new content and gameplay improvements.

by Staff Reporter


'Among Us' Collector's Edition Guide: Pre-Order Date, What's Inside, Goodies, How to Get

In celebration of its 3rd year anniversary, InnerSloth will release Collector's Edition Boxes for "Among Us." These Collector's Edition boxes has lots of goodies that will be included with the base gane.

by Staff Reporter

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