'CoD Warzone, Black Ops Cold War’ Oktoberfest Bundle DLC Guide: How to Get + What Players Could Expect

'CoD Warzone, Black Ops Cold War’ Oktoberfest Bundle DLC Guide: How to Get + What Players Could Expect

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone released the Tracker Pack: Oktoberfest Bundle, which contains in-game items that are themed after the annual Oktoberfest event. The said DLC bundle has a new Operator Skin, two new weapon blueprints, and other items.

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'LoL' Patch 11.20 Notes Update Guide: Nerfed and Buffed Champions + New Skins, Reworks, and More

League of Legends will receive its newest Patch 11.20 Update, focusing more on the game's Solo Queue. The said patch update will provide possible nerfs and buffs to several Champions, while it brings in the new "Bewitching" Champion Skin set.

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'Fortnite' Patch 18.10 Update: How Long is the Server Maintenance, Fixes, Additions, and Other Things Players Could Expect

Fortnite will receive its Patch 18.10 Updat6e, bringing in possible additions and fixes to its bugs. But in order to implement them, the shooting game will have it scheduled server maintenance, which will be last for an indefinite time.

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'Clash of Clans' Autumn Update 2021 Guide: How to Download, New Super Troop, Changes, and More

Supercell announced that Clash of Clans will receive its Autumn Update, which will bring in a new Super Troop, the Super Brawler, as well as other changes and additions to the nmobile app's other in-game elements.

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'New World' Guide: Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses, Install size, System Requirements, and More

After years of delay, and successful beta tests, Amazon Games formally announced that they will open up the servers for their new multiplayer online game, New World. The said launch will cover the servers in North and South America, as well as Australia and Europe.

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'Knockout City' Season 3 'H@cked' Guide: Release Date, New Maps, Brawl Pass Pass, and More

Velan Studios announced that the new season, entitled "H@cked," is expected to roll out in Knockout City this coming October. The said new season will feature a new map, a new battle pass system, and other additional in-game content.

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'Overwatch 2' Sombra, Bastion Rework Guide: What Changes Blizzard Made for Them

In preparation for Overwatch 2, Blizzard released their planned reworks for Sombra and Bastion. In the said reworks, the former will focus more on dealing damage while supporting her teamates, while the latter's Ultimate that lets him change into a tank will be changed into a stationary artillery.

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'Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links' ARC-V Guide: What is Pendulum Summon, How it Works + New Characters, Cards that will be Coming

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will finally introduce Pendulum Summon as Sakaki Yuya enters its realm, along with its signature Pendulum Monsters. The said summoning mechanic, which lets a player summon multiple monsters, thanks to the aforementioned Pendulum Monsters, will drastically shift the course of the mobile app's gameplay.

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'Aliens Fireteam Elite' Patch Update Guide: Doc Tweaks, Other Changes Players Could Expect

Aliens: Fireteam Elite receives its Patch, which focused on tweaking Doc's "Trauma Station Ability," as well as its "Field Medic" perk. The said patch update also changed several other perks, as well as other elements in the game.

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Epic Games Store Gives Away 'The Escapists,' 'Europa Universalis IV' for Free: How to Get Copies

Two games will be up for grabs for free in Epic Games Store for two separate weeks. For next week, players can have their own copy of the 2015 sandbox strategy game, "The Escapists," while for the next week, they can grab a free copy of the 2013 grand strategy game, "Europa Universalis IV."

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'Destiny 2' Hotfix Guide: Trials of Osiris Tweaks, Other Changes Players Could Expect

Bungie released the notes for Destiny 2's Hotfix, bringin in tweaks for its "Trials of Osiris" Crucible PvP event. It will also change and fix several elements in the game, including Seasonal Challenges and Strikes.

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'Mario Party Superstars' Guide: Pre-Order Bonus, Boards, Minigames, and More

Nintendo revealed through its Nintendo Direct livestream the three new additional boards for Mario Party Superstars. The said boards, which as originally from the old Nintendo 64 Mario Party games, will bring more fun to the game thanks to its surprise gimmicks, along with the minigames that players will enjoy.

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'Pokemon Unite' Patch Update Guide: Pokemon Balance Changes, Bug Fixes, and More

After it was successfully released in smarthphones, Pokemon Unite received its Patch, which will bring balance tweaks to the Pokemon in the game's roster. The said patch update also fixed several bugs that might affect its gameplay.

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'Dead by Daylight' Patch 5.2.2 Update Guide: Fixes for Cenobite, Other Gameplay Tweaks, and More

Dead by Daylight received its Patch 5.2.2 Update, which will focus on fixes in the issues of the game's newly-released Killer, Cenobite, or Pinhead. Aside from that, the patch update will also fix several gameplay elements, as well as other visual and sound effect issues.

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'Payday 2 City of Gold' Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3 DLC Guide: New Weapons, Accessories, Cosmetics, and More

Jiu Feng returns to Payday 2 for the City of Gold's "Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3" DLC pack, bringing in three new weapons, as well as mods, accessories, and customization that players can use for customization. The said DLC pack also has a free update that provided small tweaks and fixes to the game.

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