Google Removes Android Apps That Steal Facebook Passwords: How to Retrieve Compromised Account, Avoid Suspecting Apps

Google Removes Android Apps That Steal Facebook Passwords: How to Retrieve Compromised Account, Avoid Suspecting Apps

Google remove nine Android smartphone apps in their Play Store for suspected malware inside. The apps, ranging from app locks to phone optimizationapps to horoscope reading apps, are riddled with said malware that can snatch the victim's Facebook log-in credentials.

by Staff Reporter


Valorant 'Ruination Bundle' Details Leaked: What Players Would Expect, Release Date

As part of the "Rise of the Sentinels," Valorant was rumored to receive the "Ruination Bundles" skin pack based on the rumors circulating on Twitter. The said cosmetic change will be inspired by the new hero from League of Legends, Viego.

by Staff Reporter


'Pokemon GO' Community Day July 2021 Guide: How to Catch Tepig in a Special Research + Event Bonuses

Community Day is back in Pokemon GO and Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokemon, will be the featured Pokemon for the event. Players will have the chance to not just have their very own Tepig, but also great bonuses including an event-only giveaway move for Emboar.

by Staff Reporter


Escape from Tarkov Patch 12.11 Wipe Update Guide: New Features, Bug Fixes, and MORE

Escape from Tarkov receives a new Patch 12.11 Update. This patch update introduces a new Scav Boss, an expanded map, and a new addition to the gameplay.

by Staff Reporter


WhatsApp's 'View Once' Feature Rolled Out for Beta Testing: How Can You Use This Feature

WhatsApp launches "View Once" for beta testing. This feature will remove any sent photo or video immediately if it is seen once.

by Staff Reporter


Sony Xperia 1 III Pre-Order Guide: Specs,Release Date, Price, and Bonuses

After being revealed last April, the Sony Xperia 1 III is soon to be released. The said ner smartphone is available for pre-order for $1,299.99 with bonuses.

by Staff Reporter


'Rust' Voice Props DLC Pack Guide: July 2021 Update Price, What's Inside, and How to Get

Facepunch Studios rolled out the "Voice Props" DLC pack for Rust. In this DLC pack, players will experience using boom boxes, cassettes, and megaphones, as well as decorating their bases with disco-themes props.

by Staff Reporter


Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Bundle: Release Date, Price + Bonuses

Square Enix will bring long-time Final Fantasy plan in a nostalgia train with the release of "Final Fanatsy Pixel Remaster." The bundle itself has the 2D remastered sprites from the first 6 Final Fantasy games.

by Staff Reporter


LotR Online Launches Two New Legendary Servers: What Bonuses Players Will Receive in Each Server

Lord of the Rings Online launches two new Legendary servers: Shadowfax and Treebeard. These server will also have the Landscape Difficulty option, where players adjust the difficulty of the game.

by Staff Reporter


Twitch Watch Parties Feature Rolls Out in Android, iOS: How to Watch Streamers' Viewing Parties on Your Phone

Twitch rolls out their Watch Parties feature for both Android and iOS smartphones. With Watch Parties, Twitch streamers can enjoy watching movies and TV shows for their online stream parties for their own fan community.

by Staff Reporter


One Piece Chapter 1018: 'Jinbei vs Who’s-Who' Spoilers: Backstories Revealed, Arrival of “God of the Sun” + MORE

The incoming One Piece chapter, Chapter 1018, will feature the battle between the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Jinbei, and the member of Beasts Pirates' Tobiroppo, Who's-Who. Also in this chapter, Who's-Who backstory was revealed as well as the mentioning of the "God of the Sun."

by Staff Reporter


GitHub, OpenAI launch ‘Copilot': How Does This AI Pair Programming Tool Work; How to Access and Start Coding

GitHub and OpenAI launches "Copilot," a programming aid that will give suggested codes to users. "Copilot" is a suitable tool for those who are into coding or a beginner in programming.

by Staff Reporter


LinkedIn Data Breach June 2021 Affects Almost ALL Users: How to Know if Your Account Has Been Hacked

Last June 22nd, over 700 million LinkedIn profiles were breached and then posted for sale in a hacker forum. According to an article, said data were sold for $5000.

by Staff Reporter


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 12.0.0 Update Guide: New DLCs, Challenger Pack, Mii Outfits, and MORE

Super Smash Bro. Ultimate will receive its own Version 12.0.0 update. In this update, players may now experience playing the new fighter, Yekken's Kaxuya Mishima, as well as new a Fighter Pack

by Staff Reporter


Genshin Impact Kazuha Banner Guide: Release Time, Skill Set, Materials

Kaedehara Kazuha, the "Ronin from Inazuma," is coming to Genshin Impact. This character will provide crowd control with his Anemo-based attacks that will make his enemies blown away.

by Staff Reporter

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