'CS GO' Operation Riptide Update Guide: Gameplay, Map Changes, and Other Things Players Could Expect

'CS GO' Operation Riptide Update Guide: Gameplay, Map Changes, and Other Things Players Could Expect

Counter Strike: Global Offensive launched its "Operation Riptide" update, bringing in additional options for the game's Deathmatch game mode, as well as new maps. The said update also have changes for its maps and weapons.

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'Teamfight Tactics' Patch 11.19 Update Guide: Which Champion Will Be Buffed, Nerfed + System and Gameplay Changes

Teamfight Tactics' Patch 11.19 Update, which will be rolled out in time for the Reckoning World Championship, will bring in balance changes for its Champions, including major nerfs and buffs, as well as other changes in its traits, items, and other elements in the game.

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Steam Servers Down, Not Connecting: When Will It Last + Valve to Make Games Playable While Downloading

Several subscribers of Steam have posted on social media that the servers of virtual online video game store are down for an indefinte period of time after attempts of accessing them. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Valve is working on an technology that lets the players play the game that they have purchased on Steam, even while downloading it.

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PS4 System Software Update 9.0 Guide: What Fixes Were Made to Solve CMOS Issues?

Owners of the PlayStation 4 reveiled that its newest System Software Update 9.0 has solved the problem involving its CMOS, where the console becomes unusable once its battery dies. The said problem also made physical and digital games to be unaccessible.

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'Pokemon Go' Secrets of the Jungle Event Research Guide: Zarude Encounter, Jessie and James Returning, and More

In celebration of the release of "Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle," Pokemon Go will have a limited time event of the same name, bringing in new set of rewards of its Trainers. The said event will give them an encounter with the Galarian Mythical Pokemon, Zarude, as well as other Pokemon and other in-game items.

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'GW2 End of Dragons' Second Beta Test Guide: What Elite Specs will be Featured

ArenaNet opens up the second Beta Test for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, where players can test out its brand new Elite Specializations. For this week, they can test the abilities of the Elite Specs for the Revenant, Warrior, and Elementalist class, namely the Vindicator, the Bladesworn, and the Catalyst.

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'Pokemon TCG Live' vs Online FAQ Guide: Release Date, Rules, Supported Platforms, and More

Pokemon TCG Online will be now transformed into "Pokemon TCG Live," and it will bring in new features for the online card game. The said game will also bring in both newcomers and veterans together as they will use cards from current Pokemon TCG Expansion Sets in creating powerful decks.

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'CoD Black Ops, Warzone' Numbers Event Guide: Start Time, Rewards, Other Things Players Could Expect

Activision announced the launch of "The Numbers" event for both Call of Duty: Black Ops cold war and Call of Duty: Warzone. The said event, which composed of 18 challenges, 9 for each of the games, that players need to complete in order to grab a total of 19 rewards, including a new Sai weapon.

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'Genshin Impact' 2.2 Update Major Leaks: Dataminers Leak New Heroes, Ability Change, and More

Despite the efforts miHoYo made in eradicating them, dataminers still posted leaks regarding the details of possible new heroes for Genshin Impact, including where they will be released. The leaks also revealed changes in abilities for Thoma before his likely release in the game's Patch 2.2 Update.

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'CoD Warzone' Iron Trials ‘84 Guide: What's Inside? What Are 'Redacted' Weapons and How to Find Them?

Call of Duty: Warzone has rolled out its new "Iron Trials '84" game for its Battle Royale feature. The said mode will be different from the others as it will have weapons that has higher TTK, expensive loadout drops, and a brand-new [REDACTED] weapons that players need to pick up on the game.

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'Pokemon Go' Community Day September 2021 Oshawott Guide: Start Date, Rewards, Exclusive Moves + How to Catch Shiny Version, and MORE

Pokemon Go's Community Day returns for this month of September, and the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott, will be the focal Pokemon for this event. Aside from the opportunity to catch the said Pokemon, and its shiny variant if they are lucky, Trainers will also receive other rewards and bonuses during the said one-day event.

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'MtG Arena' Patch 2021.9.0 Update Guide: Progression Bug Fix, Other Fixes, Changes Players Could Expect + Free XP and Pack Codes

Magic: The Gathering Arena has received its newest Patch 2021.9.0 Update, which will fix the persisting bug that hinders players from progressing in the online card game. Aside from the said major bug fix, several bug fixes and gameplay changes were implemented.

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Epic Games Gives Away 'Speed Brawl,' 'Tharsis' for Free: How to Get Your Own Copy

Epic Games Store will give away copies of "Speed Brawl," a fast-paced 2D-style Side-Scroller, and "Tharsis," a RNG-based tactical survival game, for free until September 23rd.

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'CoD Vanguard' Open Beta Test Guide: How to Join, When will Last, PC System Specs Requirements, and More

Sledgehammer Games initiates the Open Beta Tests for Call of Duty: Vanguard for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The said beta test will not onlky test the game itself, including its graphics and gameplay, but also its cross-platforming function for the said platforms.

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'Rocket League' Patch 2.04 Update Guide: What Feature Changes Players Could Expect

Rocket League receives its Patch 2.04 Update, which will focus more the game's features. The said update will temporarily remove the voice chat system to fix it, while it provided a brand new graphic support for PlayStation 5 only.

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