Kickstart This! Caos Trigger: Golem, An Old School Metroidvania Title Needs Your Support This Holiday Season

Kickstart This! Caos Trigger: Golem, An Old School Metroidvania Title Needs Your Support This Holiday Season

Indie developer team Dustycat Games has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their Metroidvania title Caos Trigger: Golem. They're asking for a lot, but is it worth it? A brief look into what makes a solid campaign.

by Steve Buja

Dicetiny: The Lord Of The Dice

Dicetiny: The Lord Of The Dice Announced For iOS And Android; Why Isn't This An Actual Board Game?

Fake Dice has released a new trailer for their upcoming iOS and Android dice & card digital game Dicetiny, a game that might just make your 2015 Christmas wishlist.

by Steve Buja

Codename: Morningstar

Your Christmas Kickstarter: Morningstar - A Cloud Based, 21st Century RPG Content Management System Will Streamline The Tabletop Experience

Trapdoor Technologies is a little less than two weeks away from the completion of their Kickstarter campaign for Codename: Morningstar, a new cloud based RPG content management system that aims to streamline the nitpicking 'rules-playing' of tabletop gaming and create a more fun and interactive experience for all. They really need your help.

by Steve Buja

FreeSpace Tactics

FreeSpace Is Returning As A Miniatures Tabletop Game!

Interplay and designer Chris Taylor (Fallout, Starfleet Command) have teamed up to bring back FreeSpace... as a tabletop miniatures game. They're seeking funding on Kickstarter right this moment.... and this will be the only way to get the game.

by Alex Riviello

Last Year

Kickstart This: Last Year, New Asymmetrical Survival Horror Title Puts You And Five Friends Into Your Favorite 80s Slasher Films

Last Year, a new 5v1 multiplayer game, is currently accepting donations in its Kickstarter campaign. Ever wanted to play your favorite 80s slasher films? Now you can, as both survivor and killer.

by Steve Buja

Original Game Boy

This Kickstarter Will Let You Play The Original Game Boy On An HDTV

A new Kickstarter campaign is raising money to produce the "hdmyboy," an add-on for the original Game Boy that lets gamers play their favorite old handheld games on a big screen in full 1080p.

by Connor Sears

Crossing Souls

Kickstart My Game! Crossing Souls Begins Crowdfunding Campaign; A Spielbergian And Zelda Adventure Title

Fourattic has begun its modest crowdfunding campaign for Crossing Souls, a game that wears its 1980s influences on its sleeve like a badge of honor. But more than just nostalgia, there is a lot going on and you should donate today!

by Steve Buja

Nimble Sense

GameNGuide's Hands-On Impressions Of Nimble Sense, The VR Accessory That Brings Your Hands Into The Game

We got a chance to try out the much talked about new VR accessory, the Nimble Sense. The new technology removes the need for a controller or keyboard and could create some of the most immersive game experiences yet. How close are they to getting it right?

by Steve Buja


Wemagin Is The Flash Drive That Works Like An Anonymous VPN

There are ways to make sure your activity online is anonymous, but they're not always accessible to those not in the know. The Wemagin Kickstarter is trying to change that.

by Connor Sears

Vrvana Totem

Make Any 3D Media A VR Experience With Vrvana's Totem Headset

The VR market is growing quickly, with competitors left and right trying to make their device the definitive virtual reality headset. Now a new competitor is trying to burst into the market through Kickstarter with a device that adds several much needed touches to the VR headset concept.

by Connor Sears


The 1TB Hitchhiker Hard Drive Straps Onto Your Laptop

Two guys traveling around Bolivia got sick of their external hard drives always dangling around, so the pair created a powerful hard drive that connects to your laptop, bringing convenience and efficiency to a problem that no one had, surprisingly, ever tried to solve before.

by Barry Eitel

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries

Not Only Did The 3D Platformer Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Meets Its Kickstarter Goal, Now It's Also Becoming A Tabletop Game

When a new game in progress hits its funding goal on Kickstarter, it's typical for it to start shooting for some stretch goals like adding features to the existing build. It doesn't usually decide to create a separate game altogether.

by Connor Sears


All-Inclusive Game Con GaymerX Now GX3, Up On Kickstarter Again

The LGBTQAI-themed game con GaymerX is now GX3 and back again for a third go-round on Kickstarter. What can backers get besides the knowledge they've done some good in the (gaming) world?

by Luca Saitta


A Cooler Is the Most Funded Project Ever on Kickstarter Now

A cooler just knocked the Pebble smartwatch from its pedestal as the most funded project ever on the popular crowd-funding site. A cooler that, you know, holds ice and chills your drinks while you are in the woods or on the beach or on an excruciatingly long road trip.

by Barry Eitel

Moon Hunters

Square Enix’s Think Tank “The Collective” Launches Moon Hunters On Kickstarter Next Week

Starting Tuesday, August 26, mythology-building pixel art RPG Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games will be open for crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

by Luca Saitta

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