Ouya unboxed

CEO says refund coming to Ouya's Kickstarter backers, but only in store credit

Uhrman is offering a marginal $13.37 in store credit to the console's Kickstarter campaign backers for the months they had to wait to receive their Ouyas

by Luke Caulfield

Slender Doll

Taking the scary out of Slender

Kickstarter campaign aims to give the tall, scary man a cuddly makeover as a harmless plush toy

by Luke Caulfield

H-Hour: World's Elite

SOCOM 'spiritual successor' H-Hour: World's Elite hits Kickstarter

Developer of the first SOCOM game has kickstarted to create a 'spiritual successor' to the third-person shooting game. H-Hour: World's Elite is looking to earn $250,000 in crowd funding.

by James Dohnert

Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4 gets Kickstarter-esque project with Humble Bundle offer

Developer Croteam is offering a six game pay-what-you-want package of Serious Sam titles on Humble Bundle. Proceeds from the package will go to help fund Serious Sam 4 and two charities.

by James Dohnert

Shadow of The Eternals Promo Shot From Kickstarter

Shadow of the Eternals kickstarter to be taken down temporarily

Eternal Darkness' spiritual successor will later be re-launched after shutdown later this week.

by Ural Garrett


Shenmue 3 coming to next gen consoles? [Rumor]

Shenmue voice actor Corey Marshall teased a potential sequel to the Yu Suzuki game on Facebook. The tease adds to the list of rumors that point to Shenmue III being in development.

by James Dohnert

ARAIG Exoskeleton suit

Exoskeleton suit for FPS gamers kickstarted for $900k

An exoskeleton suit set to feature muscle vibration and contraction as well as six surround sound speakers. It will work with current and next-gen consoles along with various gaming genres. Game on.

by Ural Garrett


Kickstarters to watch out for: Armikrog and Massive Chalice

This week's Kickstarters detail two projects from the creators of gaming cult classics.

by James Dohnert

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Video Game Industry Dismisses Violence And Gaming Link in Upcoming Documentary

The video game community says their is no proof that video games cause real world violence.

by James Dohnert

Energy Hook

Enjoy Swingin' Around Like Spider-Man? Check Out Energy Hook [KICKSTARTER]

The man behind the wall crawler's best in-game ability has something else planned.

by Luke Caulfield

Anita Sarkeesian

Second Episode of Tropes Vs Women in Video Games Gets Temporarily Knocked Off Of YouTube

Proving yet again that politics and internet anonymity just don't mix.

by Luke Caulfield

Square Enix Logo

Square Enix Mulls Major Development Model Revamp, Focus May Shift To Region Specific Games

Square Enix plans to overhaul its business model for triple-A development. Company looks to Kickstarter and Steam for inspiration.

by Binu Paul

Quintet for Android

Kickstarters To Watch Out For: Pixel Press, Quintet for Android, AR-K

These three projects worth investing in on Kickstarter.

by James Dohnert

Zach Braff shooting a movie

Scrubs Star Zach Braff Earns $3 million For Kickstarter Project

Wish I Was Here, the not sequel to Garden State, earns an extra $1 million past its Kickstarter goal.

by James Dohnert

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