'Yooka-Laylee' Kickstarter Becomes Fastest-Earning Video Game Campaign, Nears $2 Million Mark With 44 Days Left

'Yooka-Laylee' Kickstarter Becomes Fastest-Earning Video Game Campaign, Nears $2 Million Mark With 44 Days Left

We knew the Kickstarter would be a hit quickly following its announcement--the campaign met its $270,000 goal just 40 minutes after going live--and it has already neared $2 million.

by Matthew Buzzi


'Yooka-Laylee', Spiritual Successor To 'Banjo-Kazooie', Has Been Announced With A Kickstarter Campaign

A team of former Rare employees at Playtonic Games has announced a Kickstarter campaign for a Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor.

by Matthew Buzzi

Epic Everything

Kickstart My Art: Epic Everything, A Real Time Genre Breaking CCG

A new collectible card game has launched on Kickstarter and it looks really fun, and a worthy competitor to Hearthstone.

by Steve Buja

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

Kickstart My Art: Deadwood - The Forgotten Curse Mixes Thrill Of 'Zelda' With Gameplay Of 'Don't Starve'

Steamroller Studios, a new indie studio comprised of industry professionals has just begun the Kickstarter campaign for its debut title, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse, a new hybrid Zelda meets Don't Starve, tossed in with a little Tim Burton for good measure.

by Steve Buja

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Blows Kickstarter Records out Of The Water

As the Kickstarter for Exploding Kittens drew to a close it became clear that this Kickstarter was one for the ages. A card game that has exploding kittens in it has managed to become the third largest Kickstarter campaign raking up $8.8 million in funds.

by Donyae

The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land Steam Early Access Is A Disaster, Modeler Freezes Work After Long Silence From Creator

Kickstarter and Early Access titles are fraught with risk, as every backer knows, and The Stomping Land has proven to be another example of crowdsourcing gone wrong. At this time, progress on the game appears to be indefinitely halted.

by Matthew Buzzi

Underworld Ascendant

Kickstart This! Underworld Ascendant, The Influential 1992 RPG Climbs Into The Light With The Original Team And Needs Your Help

Original creator Charles Neurath has gotten most of the band back together and is developing Underworld Ascendant, the successor to hugely influential RPG Ultima Underworld and the latest in a long line of vintage titles being resurrected via crowdfunding.

by Steve Buja

The Bard's Tale IV

The Bard's Tale IV Is Finally Happening After Nearly 30 Years

Though many reading this were not even alive when the games first came out, let it be known that this is a big deal for all gamers. After nearly 30 years, a true and proper sequel is finally coming. The Bard's Tale IV lives!

by Steve Buja


Kickstart This! Strafe: Everyone Has Watched The Awesome Trailer, And Yet It Has Not Reached Its Goal Yet. Why, People?

Aah, the internet is a fickle thing. We'll go ga-ga over an amazing 90s-era trailer but we simply won't give money to make that trailer's game a reality? There's still plenty of time, but the upcoming game Strafe should have been funded within the hour.

by Steve Buja

Igneos: The Last Phoenix

Kickstart This! Igneos: The Last Phoenix - Take Wing As Mythological Bird, Explore Ancient Ruins And Burn Other Birds Alive

The Kickstarter campaign for the beautiful and mythological aerial combat sim - using birds - has gone live and needs your help. Ever wanted to kill a bird and then use its corpse as a fireball? Well, now you can.

by Steve Buja


LyteShot Kickstarter Begins: Innovative Peripheral Looks To Take Mobile Gaming ARGs To Next Level

LyteShot Inc. has today launched the Kickstarter campaign for their LyteShot platform, a mobile gaming platform that will be used to take iOS and Android mobile games out into the real world.

by Alex Riviello

Into the Stars

Kickstart This! Into The Stars - Space Survival Title From Former DICE Employees Lets You Command The Last Of Humanity

Fugitive Games, a four man studio of gaming vets, has begun the Kickstarter campaign for their new space survival titled called Into The Stars, an Oregon Trail-like adventure game where it is all about the journey.

by Steve Buja


Kriophobia Hopes To Put The Horror Back In Survival Horror

Survival horror is a genre that has a lot of variety inside of its title. It could mean sneaking through towns abandoned by its residents and inhabited solely by evil. It could also mean blasting Eldritch horrors to bits in space. Kriophobia is hoping to bring a new twist to the genre. You can try it out for yourself in the free demo.

by Donyae Coles

TheOne - Survive The Game

Kickstart This! The One - Survive The Game: The Whole World Is Your Battlefield With New ARG-like Swordfighting Mobile Title

Ever want to be a Highlander? Trick question, of course you do. Singular Games needs your help in releasing TheOne - Survive The Game, a new mobile swordfighting title that makes the whole world a battlefield, and the people within it enemies.

by Steve Buja

Story War: Sentinel Conflict

Kickstart This! Story War: Sentinel War, The Super Hero Themed Storytelling Party Game Needs Your Help

If you've ever read a comic book and thought, 'I could tell a better story than that!', here is your chance. Story War: Sentinel Conflict, the game of storytelling and super heroes, needs your help on Kickstarter.

by Steve Buja

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