If You Like Telltale's 'Walking Dead' or 'Wolf Among Us', Check Out 'LAST LIFE' on Kickstarter

If You Like Telltale's 'Walking Dead' or 'Wolf Among Us', Check Out 'LAST LIFE' on Kickstarter

The game is endorsed by Double Fine and Tim Schafer, and it's a quirky point-and-click murder mystery set on Mars.

by Alex Wolfe


Triptych, the Collectible Card Game that Allows you to Pit Anything Vs Everything

Have you ever wondered who would win in a battle between Peter Pan and Ronald Reagan? You would! All hail Triptych!

by Alex Riviello

Ashen Rift concept art

Looking For a New Experience After the Apocalypse? Try Ashen Rift: A Man and his Dog

A Kickstarter project from developer Barry Collins is offering a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic genre, where you and your canine companion seek to find the "Rift" and end the apocalypse.

by Alex Wolfe

Bear Simulator

Skyrim as a Bear? Sorry Goat Simulator, Bear Simulator Just Kickstarted Our Hearts

Featuring fish-eating FPB (First Person Bear) gameplay.

by Alex Riviello

Moebius: Empire Rising

Jane Jensen's Moebius: Empire Rising Gets Publisher and Release Date

The creator of Gabriel Knight has a new game coming out in TWO MONTHS. Get excited!

by Alex Riviello


Blackmore: A Steampunk Adventure Game From the Creators of Snatcher

Help support a Kickstarter project from the creators of the cult classic!

by Alex Riviello

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

Broken Sword 5 Episode 1 Hits iOS

First part of Kickstarter success now available for mobile.

by Alex Riviello

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga Now Available for PC and Mac

A launch trailer for the hugely anticipated Kickstarter success.

by Alex Riviello

Broken Age

Broken Age Act One Beta Releasing Tomorrow For Kickstarter Backers

Double Fine's hugely successful Kickstarter game goes out to backers tomorrow.

by Alex Riviello

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix Reveal: Game Director Talks Characters, Leveling and More

A new age of Japanese RPG is about to embark.

by Prarthito Maity

Tesla Effect

Celebrate the 12 Days of Texmas with Futuristic Gumshoe Tex Murphy

A new trailer and some new screens from the Kickstarter success.

by Alex Riviello

Mega Man The Board Game

Mega Man's Latest Adventure is a Kickstarter Board Game?

Already raised much more money than they were asking for and going for stretch goals.

by Alex Riviello

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 Beta Now Available!

The PC Beta for Wasteland 2 is ready and waiting.

by Alex Riviello

General Chaos

Plans for General Chaos remake / sequel hit Kickstarter

The old school tactics n' squad shooter strategy mash up is set for a rebirth

by Luke Caulfield

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