Nintendo Switch Faced With Screen Scratches, Connectivity, Dead Pixel Issues

Nintendo Switch Faced With Screen Scratches, Connectivity, Dead Pixel Issues

Nintendo Switch has been reported with issues that concern the console screens with scratches. The manufacturer, however, denied allegations that they have pulled the dock stock from their online store.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Switch Play Together Trailer

Nintendo Switch Games: ‘RiME’ Is $40 On May 26; ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Hinted To Arrives Soon

“RiME” is all set for on May 26 release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC for $30. However, its Nintendo Switch version will cost $10 more. "Super Smash Bros." is also hinted to arrive for Switch, according to Nintendo America.

by Mia P.

【Nintendo Switch】VOEZ ティザームービー

Nintendo Switch Has ‘Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges" Release In May

Nintendo Switch will support “Ultra Street Fighter III: Final Challenges” and will be released on May 26. Meantime, “VOEZ” is the first portable mode only for the new gaming console.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch - Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

Nintendo Switch Sports Free BSD Kernel Just Like PS4; Stickers Can Damage Switch Surface

The Nintendo Switch is speculated to run on an an operating system similar to what Sony uses on the PlayStation 4. However, any adhesives like stickers may be banned from the controllers or the console itself.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Switch – News & eShop

Nintendo Switch Reviews Reveal Wii U Features Way Better

Nintendo Switch is said to have launched sans several features found on the Wii U. However, note that the new Zelda game on the console is now one of the most well-received and top reviewed games of all time.

by Mia P.

NINTENDO SWITCH Joy-Con Showcase Video 2017 Presentation MKIceAndFire  MKIceAndFire

Nintendo Switch Has Web Browser Hack; Third-Party Supports Needed

Nintendo Switch consumers have found a workaround on the lack of web browsing features on the console. Moreover, more third party support is needed for the recently launched console.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch UNBOXING - We Finally Open It! (+ Accessories)

Nintendo Switch In Stock At Toys R Us; Switch Games 'Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' & More Discounted

The Nintendo Switch console is almost out of stock in several retail stores but Toys R Us just stocked the console. Moreover, saving tips for Nintendo Switch titles have been revealed.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch – Switch and Play NYC Preview Tour

Nintendo Switch Performance Gets Boost With Easy Replacement Features; Two Bundles Available

Nintendo Switch leaks have revealed final tweaks from Nintendo on the hardware’s performance. Furthermore, Nintendo Switch screenshots have been spotted on the internet as well.

by Ben Lindon

Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! New Puzzles – Nintendo Minute

'Snipperclips' Joins Nintendo Switch Launch Lineup

During the Nintendo Switch official reveal, gamers were able to catch a glimpse of a co-op puzzle game called "Snipperclips."

by Michael Augustin

Top 10 Legend of Zelda Games

Nintendo Switch 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of Wild' Sold Out At Amazon; 8 New Launch Game Titles Update Lineup

Nintendo Switch version of the latest "Zelda" game is no longer available on Amazon. In the meantime, three indie games have been added to the launch lineup.

by Mia P.

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Specs Reveal 2 Samsung Modules With DDR4 Mobile RAM; VOEZ Rhythm Game Confirmed For Console

Nintendo Switch has been torn down to reveal two Samsung modules in the hood giving off more information about the upcoming console. Moreover, a hit rhythm mobile game is set to make its way on the console.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Switch TVCM 協力・対戦篇

Nintendo Switch Guide Explains Hands-On Access Of Hardware, Online Service, Play Modes, Accessories; Launch Titles To Debut In March

NIntendo Switch Guide would be useful to those who are planning to buy the console, especially that the company is set for another innovation. Meantime, some Switch launch titles will debut in March.

by Mia P.

Nintendo Announces NO Virtual Console at Switch Launch; Shovel Knight & Fast RMX are Launch Titles

Nintendo Switch: Virtual Console Not Available During Launch, Says Nintendo

Fans that are hoping to play their classic games on the Nintendo Switch will most likely be disappointed.

by Michael Augustin

First Look at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Makes It Easy For Fans To Create IDs, Accounts; Launch Without 'Afterbirth'

Nintendo Switch fans are expected to create a Nintendo Account User ID now to be used for the upcoming console. Moreover, “Binding of Isaac” may not launch with the console.

by Ben Lindon

Nintendo Switch: Full Hardware and Accessories Overview - Treehouse Live

Nintendo Announces More Third Party Developers Will Come In Switch Unlike Wii U

Nintendo makes sure more third party developers will create games for Switch by making it easier for them to make compatible games.

by Allan

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