1.2TB of Private Data Stolen From Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and More up For Sale for $100

1.2TB of Private Data Stolen From Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and More up For Sale for $100

A custom Trojan-type malware has said to infiltrated more than 3 million computers, stealing more than 1.2 terabytes of data from 2018 to 2020. According to the report, the data includes 26 million log-in credentials, including passwords, and other 6.6 million files.

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Multifactor Authentication: How Does This Security Feature Will Keep You Safe Online, Best Apps to Use

With several major data breaches and cyberattacks reached the headlines, many people are now considering online security to protect their accounts. The best solution for this problem is a cyber security technology called Multifactor Authentication, or providing additional security info aside to an account password.

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EA Data Breach: Hackers Sell Stolen Data for FIFA 21, Other Game Development Tools

Electronic Arts has fallen victim to a security breach as source codes and software tools for their FIFA 21 and Frostbite Engine were stolen by hackers. The data breach also contains software development kits for other platforms like the Xbox and the Playstation.

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‘RockYou2021’ Data Breach: How to Know if Your Password has been Leaked

The RockYou Data Breach of 2009 will might be considered as the biggest data breach of that year. 12 years later, the name RockYou became the center of attention yet again as a new data breach happened in a form of forum post that has a .tst file that reads, "rockyou2021.txt"

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Hacker Profiles

Three Hacker Categories Posing Largest Threat to Today's Businesses Profiled

But no info on how to avoid them. Go figure.

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