Sony And Lego Partner For Next Gen Lego Playsets

Sony And Lego Partner For Next Gen Lego Playsets

Sony and Lego are working on a playset that can be controlled with the Playstation 3 controller.

by James Dohnert

PlayStation Network Logo

Why PSN Is Better Than Xbox Live [OPINION]

Just because it’s a paid service doesn’t make it any better.

by Ural Garrett

Xbox One

Microsoft Dumps On Backwards Compatibility And Indie Development

Windows 8 company says feature demanded by many is useless. Also, indie developers won't be able to self publish.

by Ural Garrett

Xbox One

Analyst: Next Generation Consoles Will Not Outsell the Previous Generation

Did sales peak with the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360? One analyst thinks so.

by James Dohnert

Guilty Gear Xrd

Guilty Gear Sequel To Use Unreal Engine [TRAILER]

Series mainstays Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Millia Rage and Eddie are coming. Who is will be represented?

by Ural Garrett

Mutant League Football Cover

Down The Line: Best Sports Games That Aren't Actual Real Sports

Sure they don't exist in real life but they're fun nonetheless. Plus, mutants.

by Ural Garrett

Pokemon Snap

Through The Lens: Best Games Based Around Photography

Point and shoot picture taking never looked cooler. Here are the best games to do it in.

by Ural Garrett

Killzone: Mercenary

Sony Offers Killzone Mercenary Bonus XP, Bonus For Pre-orders

48-hours to pwn noobs. North American release date also pushed up by one week.

by Ural Garrett

Uprising Alcatraz

Celebrate Black Ops 2's Uprising DLC on PC and PS3 With a Double XP Weekend

Event is now underway, goes 'til Monday, 1 PM EST. Aim down the sights.

by Luke Caulfield

SugarDVD Logo

Porn Heading to Next-Gen Consoles? [NSFW]

SugarDVD will continue its adult video streaming service for Microsoft's next generation Xbox. Are you excited?

by Ural Garrett

Crysis 3

Achievements List Leak Lead To Crysis 3 DLC rumors

New multiplayer maps, modes and weapon hinted. Is this the next piece of DLC for the game?

by Ural Garrett

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 Confirmed, Headed To PS3 Later This Year [UPDATED]

The latest installment of the long-running racing sim is almost here. Are you ready?

by Mike Andronico

Gran Turismo 6 Leaked Box Art

Gran Turismo 6: What's The Best Way To Make It Better?

What can Polyphony Digital do to enhance its much loved racing sim? We've got some ideas.

by Ural Garrett

Ridge Racer Driftopia

Ridge Racer Driftopia Is Free-To-Play, Coming To PS3 And PC In 2013

The Ridge Racer franchise goes free-to-play and downloadable this year.

by Brandy Shaul

Mass Effect 3

Where Should the Mass Effect Franchise Go Next? [OPINION]

Some possibilities for Bioware's beloved sci-fi franchise.

by Mike Andronico

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