'The Last Guardian' News and Updates: The Game Has a Newly Released CG Cinematic Trailer, Release Date Revealed!

'The Last Guardian' News and Updates: The Game Has a Newly Released CG Cinematic Trailer, Release Date Revealed!

"The Last Guardian" has a new CG cinematic trailer recently released. Details of its release date here!

by Cores Grace Malaay

Fallout 4 Video Game Launch Event - Los Angeles, CA

'Fallout 4' PS4 Mods Release Date, News & Updates: Update 1.8 Now Live; 3 New PS4 Mods You Should Try Right Now

Here's the roundup of three of the best "Fallout 4" PS4 mods that players shouldn't miss, as well as a guide on how these work on the game.

by Kaye Reese

PS4 Pro: Is It Good? - Inside Gaming Daily

'PS4 Pro' Is Considerably Reliable and Cheaper Compared to High-End Gaming PC

The PlayStation 4 guarantees a reliable performance on gaming and is cheaper compared to high-end gaming PC.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Sam Raimi: 'The Last Of Us' Adaptation Has Hit Yet Another Speed Bump

Although Sony had promised a movie based on the hit zombie apocalypse-set video game "The Last Of Us", the development for said adaptation has been a slow and bumpy ride. Coming from a press event, Sam Raimi ("Spider-Man") spilled to IGN that the likelihood of seeing a "The Last Of Us" movie has dwindled what with the project being put on hold indefinitely.

by Armando Dela Cruz

PS4 Pro: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

'PlayStation 4 Pro' News and Updates: PS4 Pro Offers More Advantages to Gamers Playing 'Battlefield 1'

A test has been conducted which concludes that PlayStation 4 Pro offers more advantages to gamers playing "Battlefield 1" over the standard PS4.

by Cores Grace Malaay

PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date, News & Update: Amazing Specs & Features Details Revealed; Console Better than PlayStation 4 Pro? Launch Details

Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to become the most powerful gaming console once it arrives in 2017.

by Tim Armstrong

PS4 Pro Input Lag Test on LG 4K OLED TV 65B6 (HDR on, 4K, TruMotion off) Uncharted 4 MP [1080p60]

PS4 Pro News and Updates: 4K TV Not Working with PS4 Pro; The New v4.05 Firmware Could Be the Reason

PS4 Pro's new v4.05 firmware might be the issue for not working properly with 4K televisions.

by Cores Grace Malaay

Sony Xperia News and Updates

Sony Xperia XZ Updates, News and Review: Security Updates Rolling Out for Sony Smartphone; What to Expect

Security updates are now being made available for the Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact.

by Nens Mitchell

PlayStation 4 Pro Review

PS4 Pro Latest News & Updates: PS4 Pro is Having Compatibility Issues With Some TV's & Games

Sony's latest PS4 gaming console seems to have compatibility issues days after It's launched.

by Ceage Sotto

Sony PlayStation 3 Launch Party

'God Of War 4' Latest News & Updates: Kratos To Teach His Son All The Skills For Survival!

In "God Of War 4," it is an additional task for Kratos to teach his son all the skills needed for survival.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Fallout 4/Fallout Shelter/Skyrim Special Edition: 2016 #BE3 Showcase Presentation

‘Fallout 4’ Mods Release Date, News & Update: See the Complete Compatible Mods on the PS4 Console

Are you all set to try the "Fallout 4" mods on the PS4 console? Read details here.

by Staff Reporter

Nintendo And Girls Inc. Host Style Savvy: Fashion Forward Workshop At Big Door Studios

Which Console Is The Best Buy: PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita consoles have similarities but differences in specs and prices. Players and users conflict on which console to choose for gaming but with the help of comparing, the choice is up to them.

by Switchy Sam

PlayStation 5 to be released in 2017

PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Update: PS5 Will Come In 2018 To Compete With Microsoft’s Xbox 2? Possible Features Revealed!

It is more likely that PlayStation 4 will be revealed in time when Microsoft unveiled its Project Scorpio or Xbox 2 as an analyst predicted its release in 2018.

by Staff Reporter

Crash Bandicoot's guest appearance in

'Crash Bandicoot' Release Date, News & Update: Sony Game Trilogy Will Be Remastered For The PlayStation 4 Within 2017

Sony releases "Crash Bandicoot" exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

by Daniel Flores

IFA 2015 Consumer Electronics And Appliances Trade Fair

Sony Latest News & Update : The Idea for Android Is At Present Allows Xperia X Try Nexus' Pure Android Nougat Experience

Sony has beforehand propelled Marshmallow idea, and in the wake of getting great input, the telephone creator takes off Nougat-based Concept.

by Beverly V.

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