‘Fire Emblem Heroes’; Chooses & Crowns Lyn & Ike As Popular Legends

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 12, 2017 10:27 PM EST

"Fire Emblem Heroes" held the "Choose The Legends" event for gamers across the world and Nintendo revealed the result. Every interested gamer votes for his favorite character in the "Fire Emblem Heroes" game throughout the series.

As promised, the company will present the two special fan-voted characters from "Fire Emblem Heroes" based on the response to the poll. Regarding that promise, the company will be adding a pair of character who will serve as a runner-up.

According to EGM Now, the twitter poll was separated into two categories, one for female and one for male characters. Ike from "Fire Emblem Heroes: Path of Radiance" and Lyn from "Fire Emblem Heroes: The Blazing Blade" won a landslide victory.

Results from the "Fire Emblem Heroes" character search is based on fan tweets. Throughout the voting period, both heroes maintained their leads based on last week's midterm ranking that was published by Nintendo.

Ike's votes were split into two due to his appearance in both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. However, the characters' vote was still far more than any other male hero. Combining both of Ike's appearances in games, the second-place winner Roy got 22,000 fewer votes than him, as Polygon stated.

For the female character, Lyn from "Fire Emblem Heroes: The Blazing Blade" got the first place with 49,917 votes. The votes of the runner-up Lucina from "Fire Emblem Heroes: Awakening" was almost 10,000 votes smaller than that of Lyn.

To be exact, Ike from Path of Radiance got 33,871 votes while Roy from The Binding Blade got 28,982 votes, both in the male category. While in the female category, the first-placer Lyn from The Blazing Blade got 49,917 votes and 42,875 votes on Lucina from Awakening.

To give credits to the winner, "Choose Your Legends" version in-game will be given to Lyn and Ike sooner. Special new versions for "Fire Emblem Heroes" will also be given to the silver medalists Lucina and Roy. Are the two characters deserving of the title? Share your Thoughts below.

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