Bungie Finally Adds Vault Access From Anywhere Through The Companion App, House Of Wolves Details Leak

Bungie Finally Adds Vault Access From Anywhere Through The Companion App, House Of Wolves Details Leak

There has been plenty of Destiny news lately, with official updates, patches to the gameplay, and leaked information all taking up headlines.

by Matthew Buzzi


The Simpsons Skin Pack For Minecraft Is Now Available On Xbox

Last month, Microsoft announced the exclusive The Simpsons skins would be coming to Xbox versions of Minecraft. The special character pack is now available on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

by Matthew Buzzi


Xur's Gear And Location In Destiny For February 27 Through March 1 Includes Universal Remote, Heart Of The Praxic Fire

It's Friday again, meaning mysterious Destiny vendor Xur is back as well. The shrouded merchant pedals different gear every week, and offers upgrades for exotic items you may posses from before The Dark Below's release. We'll tell you where to find him this week, as well as what he's selling.

by Matthew Buzzi

Bioshock Infinite

Xbox Live's Free Games With Gold Titles Include Rayman Legends, Tomb Raider, And Bioshock Infinite

Microsoft has announced the free Games With Gold titles they are offering for March 2015, which is going to be a great month no matter which console you own.

by Alex Riviello


Destiny's 1.1.1 Patch Is Now Live, Adds Weekly Heroic Strike Matchmaking And Weapon Balancing

Destiny's rather significant 1.1.1 patch is now live, bringing a swath of changes to the shooter the day after several of maintenance hours prepared for its arrival.

by Matthew Buzzi

Forza Horizon 2

The Fast And The Forza-us: Dom And The Family Join Forza Horizon 2 Next Month

Dom, Bryan and the rest of the 'familia' join Forza Horizon 2 as part of a cross-promotional tie-in to support Furious 7. If you aren't excited, what is wrong with you?

by Steve Buja

World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Update Adds The Imperial Steel Japanese Line of Light And Medium Vehicles

Just because it's coming to next-gen does not mean that Wargaming has forsaken World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition. A new update adds an entire new line of tanks for players to command.

by Steve Buja

PAX East

Square Enix Announces PAX East 2015 Lineup: New Reveals For Final Fantasy XV, Life Is Strange, Just Cause 3 And More

Square will be bringing quite the arsenal of entertainment to this year's PAX East next weekend, with a look at several Final Fantasy titles, Life Is Strange and more. Get hands-on previews and cool swag at the booth all weekend long.

by Steve Buja

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

New Shadow Of Mordor Infographic Claims Talion Killed Nearly 6 Billion Orcs

Talion has been busy since his release onto platforms last year. The fallen Ranger has more than avenged the death of his family, but has at least ensured that no one will be coming to seek vengeance on him, as he has essentially MURDERED THE PLANET. And other fun facts in a new Infographic.

by Steve Buja

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The Week In Games, February 23: Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Homeworld Remastered And More Warm You Up This Winter

We've waited an extra long time for some of these Xbox One, PS4 and PC titles, most of which have been delayed by at least a week. At last, they're here and we're all very excited to get our hands on them.

by Steve Buja


Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Is Now Live, Save Big On Xbox One And 360 Titles Until February 23

It's apparently the time of the year for console game sales!

by Matthew Buzzi

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Everyone's Favorite Backwards Superhero Bizarro Needs Your Help In The New LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC

Bizarro has cloned the Justice League to help stop Darkseid from destroying "Htrae". Join him, Bizarra, Batzarro and so many more backwards superheroes in the latest DLC pack for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

by Steve Buja

WWE 2K15

None Shall Leave This Hall Of Pain, If Mark Henry Has Anything To Say About It In WWE 2K15's Latest Showcase Mode DLC

The strongest man alive Mark Henry, longtime veteran of professional wrestling, comes to WWE 2K15 as part of the new Showcase mode DLC which recreates Henry's legendary House of Pain run from 2011 to 2013.

by Steve Buja

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Weekly Video Game Release Schedule, February 16: DOA 5 Last Round, Resident Evil And The Order Finally Makes Its Brief Appearance

The weather has plunged us into a pseudo-hibernation, but there are still some games out there worth picking up if you have the time and spare heat.

by Steve Buja

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

In One Year, World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Editions Players Have Destroyed 57 Million Tanks And Other Anniversary Fun Facts

To celebrate the first anniversary of World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition, Wargaming is throwing a weekend long event and also released a new infographic detailing the sheer amount of destruction leveled during the first 365 days.

by Steve Buja

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